With special guest Krisztina Saroy, Country Co-ordinator for Iran

Attended: BS, HD, MR, NH, AS, DS, CJ, MM, JC, DW, LL, JG, CC, RH, RT, AH, JF

Apologies: JG, AP

Guest Speaker:  Krisztina Saroy ‘Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran’

Krisztina Saroy discussed the attached presentation which gave us a background to Iran’s political history and focussed on the following Human Rights issues:

  • The Death Penalty
  • Women’s Rights
  • Freedom of Expression

Action: A photo was taken of the group in support of Atena Farghadani to be tweeted by Krisztina.

Atena is the artist and political activist who has been sentenced to over 12 years in prison for her satirical cartoons protesting at a bill that seeks to criminalize voluntary sterilization and restrict access to contraception and family planning services.  She was also subjected to a forced virginity test after shaking hands with her lawyer.

A photo action for Atena Farghadani
Photo action for Atena Farghadani

Other Actions:

Postcard to Ali Arrass who is our adopted prisoner of conscience in Morocco.  Ali was sentenced to prison on terrorism charges based on a confession obtained during torture.

Letter to MEPs regarding Morocco and Ali Arrass

40th birthday card to Yecenia Armenta who has spent 3.5 years in a Mexican prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

Additional content:

Amnesty Glasgow West Minutes January 2016
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