Many thanks to RB for these. As ever they have been anonymised. If you would prefer a PDF version to read, you can get that here.

Minutes – 9th March

Present: RB, MDS, AL, FL, CC, CMc, DC, JGer, JCG, MR, CA

Apologies: RH

1. Previous minutes

JCG corrected the item 7, the treasurer’s report. It should have read
‘2/3 signatories’.

2. Treasurer’s Report

The group received a donation from a former member.Total funds at
present is £652.16. The additional £125 is being investigated. JCG now
has a PIN for the account.

There was a discussion around subsidy for AGM travel. Anyone needing
help with costs can contact JCG.

The Stand requires a cheque for £200 as a deposit for the comedy night.

3. Secretary’s Report

  • The Amnesty Annual Report 2016/2017 has been published. This was
    highlighted as a good resource for region-specific information.

  • Action on Syrian prisons: publication of ‘Slaughterhouse: Mass
    hanging an extermination in Syrian prisons.

There is an email action and petition on this.

  • Reminder of the AGM on 8-9^th^ April. There are a few members

  • ‘The Great Get Together’: UK wide events to commemorate the death of
    Jo Cox MP during the beginning of Refugee Week (17-18 June).

Action: Events committee to plan event for this – suggestions of a

  • Real Lives: additional letter writing actions for anyone who wants
    to do more.

4. Motions for AGM

JCG registered to cast the group vote. MDS circulated a document which
summarised the motions pertaining to ‘campaigns’ and ‘policies and
reviews’. The group discussed a number of these and decided on the

(refer to document for full information

B1 – FOR if amended to a cal for research in this area; otherwise

B2 – FOR and also seek to amend to calrify Amnesty’s condemnation of
use of detention in this circumstance and reference sexual violence.

B3 – FOR

B4 – FOR only if amended to remove ‘priority’ status; otherwise

C5 – AGAINST on the grounds that the agreed policy from 2015 only
came into force in 2016. An update on this work should be sought.

C4 – AGAINST – MDS clarified that this motion was not brought by
regional reps.

5. Vacancy – Ali Arrass

Our adopted prisoner of conscience, Ali Arrass, still needs a new
adoptive parent. Please get in touch if you are interested.

6. Monthly Actions

MDS distributed the monthly actions:

  1. Syrian prisons

  1. Turkey (this was also the campaign for International Women’s Day)

7. AOB

7.1 Anti-racism march

Members will be attending at individuals and not under an Amnesty banner.

7.2 May Day rally

We have previously attended this event.

**Action: Stall to be organised. **

7.3. Documentaries/films of interest

  • DC recommended the film ‘Septembers of Shiraz’.

  • RB highlighted ‘The White Helmets’ documentary which was awarded an

**Action: investigate collaborative screening at the University of
Glasgow with student group. **

8. Details of next meeting

13th April: A speaker from Interfaith Glasgow, Mohammed Omar, will
be joining us to talk about the Weekend Club project.

March 2017 Minutes
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