Many thanks to RB for preparing these minutes, which you can as ever view as a PDF: April 2017 Minutes

Glasgow West Amnesty International

April Meeting 2017-04-13

Present: MR, CF, CM, DC, RH, AP, RB, JG, HD, PW, JF

Apologies: CA, MDS, JGer

1. ‘I Welcome’ campaign (AL) and talk

AL Introduced the I Welcome campaign and then welcomed our guest speaker
Mohamed Omar from Interfaith Glasgow.

Mohamed talked to the group about the Weekend Club’s endeavour to bring
people together every month for an event, organised by dedicated
volunteers. Members were able to ask questions about the challenges that
people face during the UK asylum process.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to support Interfaith Glasgow can
contact the director. Volunteers are also wanted.

The next event will be focused on a cultural understanding of Easter on
29th April.

2. Treasurer report (JG)

We have £664.16 in the account.

We still have not had confirmation of the date for the comedy night.
CF will follow up.

The church has been paid till the end of June for our monthly meetings.

3. Secretary report (RB)

Thank you video from Maxima Acuña – one of the women featured in the
Write for Rights campaign in 2016.

4. AGM feedback

CC spoke to Naomi McAuliffe from the Scotland Office at the conference.
There will be an Amnesty bookshop opening in Glasgow following the
success of the shop in Edinburgh.

All the resolutions were passed or failed in line with the group’s vote.

MR picked up materials for a photo exhibition and suggested they could
be used for an event at Hillhead Library. MR to investigate.

5. Upcoming events

Documentary screening

RB in contact with GU Amnesty to co-host a screening of White Helmets.
Members agreed on the last Thursday in May being the best date for the
event. RB to follow up.

May Day stall

The group are hosting a stall at the May Day event in Kelvingrove Park
on 30th April. Any volunteers for the stall should get in touch.
Suggested areas of focus for workers’ rights were palm oil and sex
workers – both of which were discussed at the conference.

6. Cuba Contact

MR spoke to the country coordinator for Cuba at the conference. They
were keen to know if anyone from the group was interested in being the
point of contact or Cuba. AL volunteered for this role.

7. Urgent Actions

Urgent actions were circulated for members to take home.

UA: 81/17 Index: EUR 49/6024/2017 Belarus Date: 6 April 2017
The Belarusian authorities are threatening to take journalist Larysa
Schiryakova’s 10-year-old son away from her. This threat follows her
critical reporting of events in the country including the ongoing
crackdown against peaceful protesters.
PDF download

UA: 86/17 Index: MDE 13/6039/2017 Iran Date: 06 April 2017
Iranian journalist Hengameh Shahidi is in a critical condition in
Tehran’s Evin prison. She has been on hunger strike for 29 days in
protest at her arrest on 9 March. She has a heart condition and is
refusing her medication. She is being held in solitary confinement and
has been denied access to a lawyer.
PDF download

1st update on UA: 11/17 Index: AMR 41/5977/2017 Mexico Date: 27 March
The Mexican lower house of Congress has until 30 April to vote on the
General Law on Torture. The current version of the bill has amendments
that, if passed, would increase impunity for torture and undermine
access to justice in relation to torture complaints.
PDF download

8. Ali Arrass

JF has kindly volunteered to continue taking responsibility for Ali
Arrass, the group’s adopted prisoner of conscience. There is a new
urgent action for Ali. Our website now has a link for sending faxes for
those wishing to take part in fax actions. Members also signed a card
for Ali and a map of greater Glasgow with solidarity messages which JF
will send.

Urgent action for Ali – to be completed by 15th May.

Our guide to Urgent Actions (for online faxing)

9. AOB

9.1 Other external events of interest were highlighted.

  • GRAMNet event on Wednesday 19th April, 3.15 – 4.30pm 

Movimiento es vida: Some reflections on mobility and sedentarism in
light of the “refugee crisis”

Prof Colin Clark, University of the West of Scotland

  • Sex Workers’ Festival of Resistance on 20th-22nd April

A programme of events looking at intersectional perspectives of sex
workers rights.

9.2 Other urgent human rights situations were mentioned.

Links to actions for these:

The rights of EU citizens in the UK

Persecution of gay men in Chechnya:

Chemical attack in Syria

9.3 RB asked about organising an event for the Great Get Together with

Interfaith Glasgow. MR will follow up.

Next meeting: 11th May 2017 @ 7.30pm

April 2017 Minutes
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