As ever, thanks to RB for preparing these. They can be viewed as a PDF too!

Meeting: **8th June 2017 **

Present: RB. RH, FL, CMac, JGer, JG, CC, MR, HD, AL, CA

Apologies: PW, DC, AP, LF, JF, MDS

Some individuals had to leave the meeting early and so we ran through
items in a slightly different order.

GOMA Art Gallery Proposal

FL reported that Gallery 1 in GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) is available
for use and suggested that we put together a proposal for the ‘I
Welcome’ exhibition. The space is available over the next few months can
the space can only be used for a maximum of two days. It was suggested
that we look at trying to get a weekend slot.

**FL will complete application. **

Comedy Night

HD reported that the STAND offered us the 1st November for our annual
comedy night and we have accepted. They will require a cheque for £200.
Tickets will be available soon for members to start selling (£7/£5).

Treasurer’s Report (JG)

We have £614.16 in the bank, however, charges for a few things need to
be deducted. These include £50 for the Record Factory (Pub Quiz),
postage and the STAND deposit. The fee for hiring our meeting room in
the church will also be due.

Secretary’s Report (RB)

Syria Urgent Action

RB drafted a letter about a Syrian man who was forcibly disappeared.
This action was completed at the White Helmets screening. The letter was
circulated for signatures.

Refugee Week

There are many events – check them out

AIUK Campaign Updates (Post-election and Brave campaigns)

Top be added to the July meeting agenda with actions that could be
completed at a future letter writing evening.

Free Nazanin and Kamal:

BRAVE Human Rights Defenders:

Online actions

LGBTI Rights in Chechnya – help Amnesty reach 200,000 signatures

Somalian boys tortured and jailed for life

Past Events

Amnesty Scotland – Ensaf Haidar

CC went to the event in Edinburgh with Raif Bawadi’s wife. Raif was
flogged and imprisoned for ecercising his right to free speech. Ensaf
has published a book which CC recommends: Raif Badawi: The Voice of
Freedom: My Husband, Our Story.

Documentary Screening: The White Helmets

Unfortunately the event was quiet but we met some of the university
group and one other who was not a member of an amnesty group.

Coming up – Our events

Great Get Together (17th June, Mansfield Park, Partick)

Volunteers welcome for the stall between 12noon and 5pm. There is also
an event in Woodlands on Sunday 18th. Someone will look for a relvent
action to complete.

RH will send an email with specific details.

Pub Quiz (22nd June, Record Factory, Byres Road)

We hope to see many of you there! Tickets £3 on the door.

Help with raffle prizes would be appreciated

Asylum Monologues (September)

This has been moved to November to coincide with the ‘I Welcome’
campaign month.

Other events

Welcome to Refugeestan (21st June, 6pm @ CCA)

Free GRAMNet film screening – BOOK ONLINE

Take One Action ‘Power to Change’ Screening (27th June, 6.30pm, CCA)

A film about climate justice

E-team – A Netflix Series

Recommended by one member. This series follows the Human Rights Watch
Emergencies Team exposing crimes against humanity.

Adopted Prisoners

###. Salidzhon (MR)

No updates.

Ali Arrass

Urgent action to complete

Human Rights in the News

Scottish Episcopal Church approves same sex marriage.

Urgent Actions

Circulated for members to take home.


Future speakers

FL consulted the group on inviting someone from Amicus to a meeting.
They work to provide prisoners on death row with legal representation.
More info here:

The person for Human Rights and Equalities at Glasgow City Council was
also suggested as a potential speaker.

AIUK’s Europe coordinator who campaigns passionately for Roma rights
offered to come to our group. Members met her at the AIUK AGM and have
contact details.

June 2017 Minutes
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