Thanks to FL for typing up these minutes. They are also available as a PDF

Meeting: 8th February 2017

Apologies: RH, AP, MDS, CC, CM

Attendees: FL, AL, DP, MD, JGi, JG, KA, MR, RB, MLB, KM, AS, CA

Treasurer’s report

Thanks to JGi for this update

  • Financial return form submitted to AIUK and acknowledged

  • Money out: £63 to church, £100 to daytime group, £500 donation to
    AIUK, £72 annual subscription to AIUK

  • £598.70 in bank (- £35 for heater)

  • NB: the daytime group’s treasurer is moving away

Secretary’s report

Update from FL

I Welcome — Families Together Campaign

Refugee families, separated by war and persecution, are being kept
apart by restrictive UK rules on family reunion. On Friday 16th March,
MPs will debate an important bill to improve these rules and reunite
refugee families. We need at least 100 MPs to turn up and vote on 16th
March to change these unfair rules that keep refugees in the UK apart
from those they love. To win this vote we need MPs’ constituents (YOU)
to tell them you support refugee family reunion.

Amnesty is asking us to contact our MPs and ask them to attend the
debate on the 16th March. This is not far away so don’t put off taking

We can do this by:

  1. Meeting our MPs

  2. Calling our MP’s office

  3. Writing to our MPs

  4. Emailing our MPs

You can find the name of your MP at

Several members of the group volunteered to meet with their MP to
discuss this issue. If you have been in touch, please do let us know.
Also bring any replies to the next meeting.

More information on the bill here.

Make a Will Month — March

Over 150 solicitors across the UK have pledged to give up their time for
free to help you write or update your will. You can find your local
solicitor here:

Freedom to Express Yourself Exhibition

Amnesty has a beautiful new travelling exhibition that celebrates our
right to freedom of expression. There are 21 x A2 (420 x 594 mm)
foamboards, including an Intro panel. To borrow this exhibition, we
would need to contact Community Organising Team. This exhibition
showcases artwork from Amnesty International’s recent book Freedom to
Express Yourself: an inspiration notebook

FL suggests the group thinks about whether we would like to use the
exhibition this year, either in a standalone exhibition or to complement
another event.

Marsh Award for Human Rights

Amnesty has partnered again with the Marsh Christian Trust to recognise
the creativity of Amnesty activists. You can apply for £500 to fund a
creative idea. All Amnesty Groups can enter and they’re looking for
ideas that positively impacts people’s understanding of human rights.
The deadline for applications is 1st March.

It is probably too late for us to apply this year. However, it is
something to consider for next year especially if we would like to plan
a more ambitious event.

Group Planning Pack

Pack was available for members to look at during the break. If people
would like to see this pack, please let FL know and she will bring it to
the next meeting.

The group decided to request a new individual at risk for us to campaign

Some members of the group signed up to receive specific mailings: LGBTI
Network (RB), Women’s Action Network (KW) and the Anti Death Penalty
Project (JG). If you are interested in receiving mailings from any of
Amnesty’s thematic networks, let FL know.

We are the Lions Mr Manager

HOPE not Hate has emailed to let us know about a new Townsend production
of We are the Lions Mr Manager.

Tuesday 27th March 2018, 7.00pm at UNITE the Union offices, John Smith
House, 145-165 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 4RZ.

The play tells the story of the Grunwick Strike of 1976-78 and Shop
Steward Jayaben Desai’s inspirational fight for freedom, equality and
human dignity. Forty years ago a group of workers in a backstreet
Willesden factory stood up to their unfair bosses and kick-started one
of the longest and most important industrial disputes in British
history. Led by Asian women, the Grunwick strike challenged stereotypes,
changed the face of white, male trade unions, and inspired others to
speak out against injustice. On the 20th August 1976, one of the hottest
days of the year, a group of South Asian workers walked out of a factory
in protest at their working conditions and the way they were treated.
Little did they know that this act would lead to a two-year strike. Led
by Jayaben Desai, the striking workers demanded their right to be
treated with dignity and to be represented by a union. ‘We Are The Lions
Mr Manager’ tells that story.

Tickets are now on sale and priced £5.00. Admission is by ticket only.
Tickets are only available from Greater Glasgow HOPE not Hate. To order
tickets please email or telephone 07761803373
stating name, telephone number and number of tickets required (maximum
of 5 tickets per order). Please note tickets are limited and early
booking is advised.

Events group planning

Thanks to AL for this update.

At our meeting in January, we started outlining our plans for the year.
See below:

  • January Meeting — Refugees Survival Trust speaker
    Xmas Dinner

  • February Meeting — Planning
    Glasgow Film Festival — Stall at ‘Another News Story’ at Glasgow Film Theatre (see below)
    Letter writing night (see below)

  • March Meeting — Falls on International Women’s Day so plan to have a women’s rights theme. (Kate Neven, Amnesty Scotland?) + AGM motions
    Aye Write book festival — involvement TBC

  • April Meeting — Ulrika Schmidt (see below)
    Amnesty AGM
    Football Welcomes (21st — 22nd) — TBC

  • May Meeting
    May Day stall

  • June Meeting — Martin Heaps (see below)
    West End Festival (1st -24th)
    Refugee Week (18-24th) — this year is the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week
    Jo Cox — Great Get Together (22-24th)

  • July Meeting
    Glasgow Pride (14th &15th)/ Free Pride

  • August Meeting
    Edinburgh Festival — group outing

  • September Meeting

  • October Meeting
    Comedy Night (month and date TBC)
    Document Human Rights Film Festival — stall and/ or group outing

  • November Meeting

  • December Meeting — Write for Rights
    Write for Rights stall(s)

Other ideas for events/ meetings with flexible dates

  • Meeting speakers: detention of asylum seekers, invite another of our
    Glasgow MPs

  • Other non-meeting possibilities: Pub quiz, gig night, Refugee
    Monologues, AmnesTea, farmers market stall, sponsored ‘give up a
    right’, sponsored walk, I Welcome photo display, street action, book
    sale, film night, marking anniversary of suffragettes (first
    election in which women could vote in UK was 14 December 1918),

The events group is a sub-committee of the Glasgow West Amnesty group.
We meet usually every month/ two months and plan events and campaigning
events. We would love some new members so catch us at the next group
meeting for more information or to volunteer.

Upcoming Events / Speakers

Amnesty Annual Conference and AGM

7-8th April, Swansea University

Our National Conference and AGM is an opportunity for members to come
together to inspire and be inspired, to learn about our human rights
work and campaigns, to share skills and experiences with other members
and to hear and participate in talks and panel debates. It’s a great way
to meet others who share a commitment to human rights.

Great weekend, strongly encouraged to come along, group will fund people
who need it (travel and accommodation). Ask treasurer or chair for

Link to sign up.

Glasgow Film Festival

A reminder that the Glasgow Film Festival is on from the 21st February
— 4th March.

CC has organised for us to have a stall at ‘Another News Story’ at the
Glasgow Film Theatre on 25th February at 8.30pm (8pm for setting up
the stall). Contact CC or AL if you would like to help with the stall.

What happens when the news cameras turn off? Another News Story reveals
the action behind the cameras of news teams tasked with reporting the
refugee crisis and turning it into breaking news.

Director: Orban Wallace

At our stall, we will have cards for people to sign for Amnesty’s I
Welcome campaign.

Cyclist dinner

CC has been in touch with Ziya Kocabiyik. Ziya is a member of the
Chelmsford Amnesty Group who is planning on cycling from Land’s End to
John o’ Groats to raise money for Amnesty International UK and awareness
of the human rights situation in Turkey. He will be passing towns and
cities with Amnesty groups in them – including ours – and is keen to
meet supporters along the way. CC is suggesting we take Ziya for dinner
when he passes through Glasgow in May. More details will follow.

Ulrika Schmidt

Ulrika Schmidt is the Amnesty Co-ordinator for Europe. She works on the
human rights issued faced by Roma communities. The group voted on the
best date for her to come and speak at a meeting. The choices were
12/4/2018, 31/5/18 or 30/08/17. Group voted for the 12/04.

It was suggested that Friends of Romana Lav — an organisation for the
Roma community in Glasgow — could be invited to speak at the same
meeting. FL will pass on both messages to CC.


CA informed the group that the owner of the V and V café (vegan café at
481 Great Western Road) has invited us to have a letter writing session
there. Perhaps a Saturday morning? CA will speak to owner and circulate
a date.

Urgent actions

Thanks to MR for supplying the urgent actions.


1st update on UA: 235/17 Index: ASA 17/7824/2018 China Date: 2
February 2018\
First detained on 2 September 2017, human rights defender Zhen Jianghua
has not yet been allowed access to his lawyer. Held under “residential
surveillance in a designated location” on suspicion of “inciting
subversion of state power” since 29 September, his current location is
unknown, adding to grave concerns that he is at risk of torture or other


UA: 17/18 Index: EUR 49/7797/2018 Belarus Date: 2 February 2018\
Two men were sentenced to death in Belarus on 20 January after their
sentences of life imprisonment were quashed on appeal. They are the
first two people to be sentenced to death in 2018, bringing the total
number of people on death row in Belarus, according to the Belarusian
authorities, to seven.


UA: 29/18 Index: AMR 51/7848/2018 USA Date: 7 February 2018\
Doyle Hamm, due to be executed in Alabama on 22 February after 30 years
on death row, has received a stay of execution, but the state has
appealed. He has been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. The state of his
veins may render his lethal injection unconstitutional.


1st update on UA: 171/17 Index: MDE 13/7827/2018 Iran Date: 05
February 2018\
Iranian Kurdish prisoner Ramin Hossein Panahi has been on hunger strike
since 27 January in protest of being sentenced to death after a grossly
unfair trial that followed four months of enforced disappearance. He has
been transferred to solitary confinement in reprisal. His conviction and
sentence violate international law and must be quashed.


6th Update on UA: 174/13 Index: MDE 13/7840/2018 Iran Date: 08
February 2018\
Iranian women human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience Golrokh
Ebrahimi Iraee and Atena Daemi started a hunger strike on 3 February in
protest at their transfer to a prison where women convicted of violent
offences are held in inhumane conditions. Earlier, on 27 January, human
rights defender Arash Sadeghi started a hunger strike to demand that
they are returned to their previous place of detention. He is critically


UA: 24/18 Index: ASA 29/7838/2018 Maldives Date: 7 February 2018\
Five people have been arrested since the Government of Maldives declared
a State of Emergency on 5 February 2018, following a recent Supreme
Court decision to release and re-try imprisoned opposition leaders. This
appears to be an act of repression by the government to silence
political opposition.

Next meeting

Thursday 8th March 2018 — International Women’s Day

We will be discussing the AGM resolutions. If possible have a look
through the resolutions before the meeting.

The resolutions are available here.

If you are a member of Amnesty, you should also have received a copy
through the post.

Also do bring along any actions on the theme of women’s rights.

February 2018 Minutes
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