It was a dark and wet night on a Monday in January, but our annual comedy night fundraiser went very well. Thanks of course to all who came along and laughed, clapped and cheered at the great comedy on offer, and to those who participated in the raffle by donating, buying tickets, or both

Our thanks and deep gratitude to the comedians who generously gave their time to come along and entertain us so we could raise money. If you’d like to see more, or missed them this time around please repay their kindness by checking out their shows:

Donald Alexander is performing ‘Here’s Donny!‘ at the State Bar on 21st March

Jamie Dalgleish goes ‘From Buckfast to Middle Class‘ at The Stand on 25th March

Check out Liam Farrelly when he next performs in Glasgow by following his Facebook page

Haw, Jay Lafferty says ‘Wheesht!‘ to folks in Blackfriars Basement on 22nd March

And Gareth Waugh goes ‘Oh Boy…!‘ at the Stand on 16th March – –

Everyone who performed did great, and by following these good folks on social media and attending their shows you will be giving back to them (and encouraging others to do the same!)*

And of course, last but not least, our heartfelt thanks once again to The Stand and their staff who generously hosted us for another year running.

Comedy Night Success and Thanks

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