May 2022 Updates

Thank you to CL for thse updates. If you prefer, you can read them in PDF format.

Welcome & Introductions

Amnesty Meeting 12.05.22

Present: Merle, Lisa, Jim, Silvia, Andrew, Claire

Upcoming Events

  1. 24.05.22 – AIUK online training on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – @Claire attend and feedback

  2. 04.06.22 – Tiananmen Square Vigil, Edinburgh (@Mal who can we ask for more details?)

  3. 20.06.22-20.06.22 – Refugee Week, theme is “Healing” – see below

  4. 22.06.22 – AI Secretariat (international) will launch Right to Protest flagship campaign. In the UK, it will launch locally in Autumn 2022.

  5. 23.06.22: We need to have voted on AIUK's AGM resolutions by 23.06.. Did @Freya get a voting form for our group?

  6. 25.06.22: AIUK AGM, 10am-6pm, in London and online

Action Points

Context: AIUK Planned Campaigns for 2022

  1. Can AIUK see on their mailing list who lives in Glasgow and we
    can give them a text to email them saying “Do you know your local
    group?” @Mal?

  2. Follow-up on hosting a meeting with the people who were at the Iftar event (on Uyghurs, Palestine, Kashmir) – could tie this in with Israel Apartheid campaign (there are AIUK flyer & briefing notes; UN rapporteur's info); could have a more general meeting focus of “Religious Persecution” - @Mal has there been any chat from the Iftar attendees?

  3. Justice for Syria - @Jim will research, see if there are specific actions we as a group could take

  4. Save the Human Rights Act @Andrew will research, see if there are specific actions we as a group could take

  5. Refugee Week – @Silvia will ask her colleagues/contacts if someone can come as a speaker for the June meeting (09.06.22) to tell us what we can do to be most effective. @Silvia to (hopefully!) confirm by 20.05.22 🡪@Freya advertise everywhere w/c 23.05.22!

    1. @Mal (supported by @Lisa if needed) What are Glasgow Amnesty's links to the Edinburgh office? Can we email them asking how we can help them with upcoming events (way-in with Refugee Week?). Is there to be a photo action in George Square?!

    2. What other local events can we get involved in during Refugee Week – do we have links to other organisations' events and can offer to have a stall @Mal?

    3. Borders Bill: passed on 27.04.22. 🡪 @All - see letter template to be sent to MPs about the Rwanda part of it - Borders Bill Info.

Other focus areas for AIUK

Homelessness: We agreed not to focus on Homelessness as there are other groups who are focussing on it and are experts, but perhaps we could reshare their posts on Social Media, e.g. Positive Action in Housing / Shelter.

Ukraine: no one had specific ideas/thoughts on actions. AI's actions:

Right to Protest: no one had specific ideas/thoughts – maybe we wait until AI's campaign starts to focus on this? (although depends on Westminster too…)

Next Meeting: 2022-06-09

June Meeting, Thurs 9th June, 7.30pm: Welcoming Refugees in Glasgow

Our June meeting is going to be special as we have two guest speakers coming to talk to the group. In honour of Refugee Week, which takes place later on in June, we will be using our monthly meeting to find out more about the lived experience of refugees here in Glasgow and what we can do as activists to support them and campaign for their rights.

Our two expert speakers are:

  1. Dr Teresa Piacentini - Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Teresa has a research interest in the experiences of people seeking asylum and refugees in Scotland.

  2. Ahlam Al-Bashiri - Campaigner on refugee voting rights in Scotland. Ahlam works with Saheliya Organisation. Ahlam was a Yemeni diplomat and she is co- founder of To Yemen With Love, an initiative to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis and the war in Yemen, and to highlight Yemeni culture and traditions in Scotland.

Join us on Thursday at our usual meeting venue (Woodlands Methodist Church) at 7.30pm. Friends and family very welcome too as we'd like a large turnout for Teresa and Ahlam. Facebook event here:

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