July 2022 Updates

Many thanks to CL for these updates. You can also read them as a PDF here.

Welcome & Introductions

Amnesty Meeting 2022-07-14

Present: Merle, Jim, Silvia, Andrew, Claire, Neil


  • Jim: couldn't find anything about Justice for Syria campaign on Amnesty's website, will wait to see

  • Amnesty boxes/resources sorted out in church storeroom – Jim emailed church. Lotsss of paper & envelopes – we need letter writing sessions again!

Action Points

Daytime group

Find out if Daytime group still meeting, when, and offer to advertise their meeting time/place through our social media/mailing list - @Freya/@Mal do you have someone you can ask?


a. @Jim to find 2 other co-signatories for Coop account

b. @Freya In next newletter, share our bank acc details again for donations (and paypal acc if running and accessible) – Could this always be in our emails maybe as a footer, maybe a nice graphic?

Stand Up For Human Rights

@Jim to ask the Stand about doing another Stand up at the Stand fundraising night

Patrick Grady Meeting

@Jim to email the Scottish Office about our Patrick Grady meeting

Human Rights Act

Big thanks to Andrew for researching&presenting!


  • AI petition: – share & sign → social media & newsletter @Freya & attach Andrew's briefing note for more info

  • Get speakers for September meeting:

    i. Amnesty Scottish office - @Mal can you ask if they have a speaker who could come to speak to us about HRA?

    ii. ??? - Anwar (Glasgow lawyer) – does anyone have a link? – if not Claire can coldcall

    iii. Silvia – Law Dep at uni

    iv. Andrew - Good Law Society

  • @Someone (Andrew?!) write a template pledge about saving the HRA → all to email MPs to make a pledge that they support XXX

  • @Mal – do you have someone in the Scotland office we could ask about linking with other AI local groups within Scotland and with the Scottish AI office to undertake more co-ordinated action on HRA.

  • @All: Think about like-minded organisations locally that have similar concerns relating to the UK Government's proposed amendments to the HRA office to undertake more co-ordinated action.

Iftar Event Follow-Up

@Mal is there any update on hosting a meeting with the people who were at the Iftar event (on Uyghurs, Palestine, Kashmir) – could tie this in with Israel Apartheid campaign (there are AIUK flyer & briefing notes; UN rapporteur's info); could have a more general meeting focus of “Religious Persecution”

Next Meeting: 2022-08-11

Next meeting's facilitator: Freya (people can volunteer each month!)

Next Event

For next event: Ask AIUK to see on their mailing list who lives in Glasgow and we can give them a text to email them saying “Do you know your local group?” and advertise September event


June 2022 Updates

Thank you to FL for these updates. If you would prefer, you can read them as a PDF.

Welcome & Introductions

Amnesty Meeting 2022-06-09



This month's updates

  • Welcoming Refugees in Glasgow: Ahlam Al-Bashiri and Dr Teresa

  • Save the Human Rights Act Campaign

  • Local Group Update from AIUK

  • Pride 2022

  • Urgent Actions

Welcoming Refugees in Glasgow: Ahlam Al-Bashiri and Dr Teresa Piacentini

Thanks to Silvia for arranging for Ahlam and Teresa to talk to the group and writing the following bios.

Ahlam Al-Bashiri

Ahlam is a Community development student at the University of Glasgow, and an activist for the rights of people seeking refuge in the UK and Scotland.

She has been active in campaigning for the right to vote for New Scots. In February 2020, the Scottish Parliament passed a new law which extends the right to vote in Scottish elections to people who are over 16 and live in Scotland. This includes everyone with leave to remain, including people with refugee status.

Thanks to Ahlam, and many other people campaigning, refugees could vote in the last Scottish Elections in 2021.

Dr Teresa Piacentini

Teresa is a researcher, teacher and activist, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, at the School of Social and Political Sciences.

The focus of her academic career teaching and research are the experiences of people seeking asylum and refugees in Scotland. Prior to her PhD, she has worked as a community interpreter in the asylum sector and with a range of public sector and third sector agencies.

Teresa's interests lie in the broad field of migration studies covering the various aspects of social, cultural and political life affecting people's experiences of making Scotland their home. She researches and teaches about ‘settlement', belonging and a critical engagement with what we mean by 'integration'.

Ahlam gave us a personal and fascinating talk on her own experiences as a refugee escaping the war in her home country of Yemen. She explained to us the importance of having the right to vote for human dignity and empowerment. Ahlam outlined to us the actions she took in this successful campaign. Her new focus is the Lift the Ban campaign which looks to change the laws prohibiting asylum seekers from working in the UK.

Here are some links with more information on the Lift the Ban Campaign
and how to get involved:

Teresa gave us a fascinating history of the key events and policies regarding the situation for asylum seekers in Glasgow from 2000 when dispersal began to now. She explained the different community responses there have been over this period and what forms of campaigning have been most successful.

Want to find out more? Here are some useful resources:

Solidarity Gathering, George Square, Tuesday 14th June, 6pm

Stop offshore detention to Rwanda!

The Home Office scheduled their first flight to remove to Rwanda people
seeking asylum on 14th June.

Join other members of Glasgow West at this gathering. More information
contact Claire L

Save the Human Rights Act Campaign

Thank you to Andrew for putting together this briefing note on the Human Rights Act Campaign.

/N.B. This paper is a first draft. Any comments, corrections or
suggestions from colleagues within the local AI Group would be very much


This paper sets out some of the issues relating to AIUK's ‘/Save the Human Rights Act/' campaign. The purpose is to help focus discussion within the local AI group about potential actions that could be taken to help promote and deliver on this work.

Background on the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act (HRA) set out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to. It incorporated into domestic British law the rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). 

The ECHR itself was founded in the aftermath of WWII, to help ensure that Governments could never again ‘dehumanise and abuse people's rights with impunity'. The ECHR is an international human rights treaty between the 46 states that are members of the Council of Europe (not to be confused with the European Union).

The HRA came into force in the UK in Oct 2000.

The Act has three main effects:

  1. Citizens can seek justice in a British Court;

  2. Public Bodies are obliged to respect human rights: and

  3. New laws require to be compatible with ECHR rights.

Prior to the HRA, UK citizens could only bring a legal challenge relating to their rights under the ECHR via the European Court of Human Rights. That process is typically lengthy and expensive. The HRA allows the rights guaranteed by the ECHR to be enforced in UK courts, thereby simplifying and improving citizen's access to justice within the UK.

AIUK has set out various examples of how the HRA has helped deliver justice over the past two decades. This includes in areas such as holding police to account for failings at Hillsborough, exposing shortcomings in Inquests relating to avoidable hospital deaths; requiring local authorities to provide essential care services and underpinning the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement.

Recent UK Government Activities relating to the HRA

The UK Government has sought to make a number of changes to the HRA in recent years, which many consider will undermine the duties and safeguards provided by the Act.

Concerns about ‘Human Rights impinging on the rule of law' has been a long-standing issue within some sections of the Conservative Party.

Intentions were set out in a 2014 paper Protecting Human Rights in the UK: The Conservatives’ Proposals for Changing Britain’s Human Rights Laws.

The narrative around this has been couched as replacing the HRA with a
"modern UK Bill of Rights". The Government's 2019 manifesto pledged to:

“… update the Human Rights Act and administrative law to ensure there
is a proper balance between the rights of individuals, our vital
national security and effective government.”

The changes proposed by the UK Government have been widely condemned by
a range of commentators. In its response to the UK Government's
consultation regarding the proposed changes to the HRA, the Law Society
(the independent professional body for solicitors) set out the

“While we welcome the government's continued commitment to remaining a
party to the European Convention on Human Rights, we're concerned by the
proposals put forward which fundamentally change the framework of the
Human Rights Act and the protections it provides.

We do not believe there is a case for the sweeping reforms proposed.

We're concerned that the proposed reforms do not recognise the
significant benefits that have been achieved for British society through
the HRA, that is, improving access to justice and upholding the rule of

We believe the proposals will:

  • damage the rule of law

  • prevent access to justice

  • reduce or remove rights

  • lead to more cases being taken to the European Court of Human Rights

  • impact devolution

  • damage the UK's international reputation

  • create legal uncertainty

  • increase costs and complexity"

Concerns raised in the consultation on the draft Bill included those
relating to data laws, privacy, rights of minorities, lack of detailed
impact analysis on the proposed changes, etc.

Separate legislation, such as the Police, Crimes and Sentencing Act 2022' 1 impact on issues such as holding protests. That Act
includes provision for protests to be banned or shut down on the basis
of them being too disruptive or noisy. The UK Government stated that the
new legislation was necessary due to new forms of protest, such as that
carried out by Extinction Rebellion, causing undue disruption. For many,
the right to protest is a seen as inextricably linked with wider human
rights and, it has been pointed out that some of today's accepted rights
only came into being as a result of protestors challenging and breaking
unjust laws.

AIUK Strategic Plan Priorities

The [AIUK Strategic Plan]( 2022-2030.pdf?VersionId=eJ.NKqmhU9vVI0m5_wFCBuc_Ii_MwL3q) 2022-30 includes Priority Issue 4 ‘Human Rights Frameworks'.

“Human rights frameworks are the bodies of law and standards that
describe our human rights, support their respect, protection and
fulfilment and offer access to remedy for abuses – in the UK and
globally. These protections are under significant threat and such
threats require us to be vigilant against attempts to dilute our rights
through amendment or scrapping of existing laws and to the introduction
of new laws that erode existing rights.

In the next strategic period, we will actively challenge the narrative
that seeks to undermine human rights protections at home and abroad.”

(AIUK Strategic Plan 2022-30, p.7)

AIUK also set out a summary of the key benefits that the HRA brings to the UK.

Potential Actions for local AI group

The undernoted are some initial ideas for potential actions that the
local AI Group might take to support AIUK's ‘Save the HRA' campaign.

  1. Improve awareness and understanding of the issues by group members reading information on the HRA and the potential implications of the current UK Government's changes, discussing these within the local group and considering useful actions that could be taken.

    (Linked to point 1., The Good Law Project is hosting a free online discussion event ‘Is the UK Shutting Down Dissent: Protest in the New Age of Policing Powers' with an interesting range of key speakers on Weds 15th June @ 5pm-6pm )

  2. Sign the AIUK petition to save the HRA: (

  3. Disseminate information on the changes proposed by the UK Government to the HRA and encourage others to sign the petition, e.g. via social media, etc.

  4. Link with other AI local groups within Scotland and with the Scottish AI office to undertake more co-ordinated action.

  5. Link with other like-minded organisations locally that have similar concerns relating to the UK Government's proposed amendments to the HRA office to undertake more co-ordinated action.

  6. Other potential actions? – to be discussed by local group

Conclusion / Recommendation

This short paper has attempted to summarise the context, main issues and
potential actions for the local group relating to AIUK's HRA ‘Save the
Act' campaign.

The local AI Group is asked to:

  • Consider the issues raised within the paper and discuss whether this area ought to be a priority action area for the local group; and

  • If so, to agree, prioritise and schedule actions that the local group will undertake.

Selected References and Links for Further Information

AIUK, Briefing on the European Convention on Human Rights, 2018.

AIUK dedicated website relating to AIUK's HRA ‘/Save the Act'/

AIUK, 8 Reasons Why the HRA makes the UK a Better Place', 2020

EHRC, website of the Equality & Human Rights Commission, including
information on the rights covered by the HRA, the work of the EHRC, etc.

The Guardian, 3/10/14, 'Conservatives plan to scrap Human Rights Act',

The Guardian, 10/5/15 Michael Gove to proceed with Tories' plans to scrap human rights act

Good Law Project, Briefing on the Police, Crimes and Sentencing Bill
(The short article also includes a link to the detailed legal advice
obtained by the GLP
), 2021.

Liberty, ‘Right to Protest',

UK Government, Protest Powers: Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, May 2022

Local Group Update from AIUK

Please follow the link to read the latest Local Groups Update:

Issues covered in this month's mailing:

  • Human Rights and Social Justice Film Night + Q&A organised by the Kingston and District Amnesty groups (recorded and available to watch online).

  • Standing against the government's Rwanda policy

  • Real Lives Magazine supplement available to read here.

  • Local group fundraising update

  • Upcoming online Amnesty UK events

  • Save the date: National Conference - Saturday 5 November 2022

  • Obituary for Amnesty member Denis Newbury and congratulations to Bob Dewick (marked 40 years as Group Secretary to the Bognor Regis, Chichester & District Group)

  • Refugee Week events

  • Amnesty UK campaign updates

  • New film on the campaign to ban killer robots (fully autonomous weapons systems)

Amnesty AGM and National Conference 2022

If you're a paid member of Amnesty International, you should have received information in the post regarding how to attend the online AGM and vote on the resolutions. The local group also has the right to vote. Please complete this poll ( by Sunday 19th June and group secretary, Freya, will submit our votes by majority decision.

Pride 2022

Glasgow Pride March – June 25th – More info:

There will also be another Mardi Gla pride march on July 16th and Pride Hub on the 16th and 17th July -

Urgent Actions

Thank you to MR for sharing these urgent actions.

Colombia: Protect Environmental Defenders At Risk

On May 31st, four environmental defenders from the organization Federation of Santander Fishers for Tourism and Environment (FEDEPESAN) were victims of an attack with firearms by unknown people while assessing possible environmental harm in the Magdalena Medio region, an extensive inter-Andean valley in the central part of Colombia formed by the Magdalena River. We urge the Ministry of Interior to adopt immediate measures to guarantee the life and right to defend human rights of members of FEDEPESAN.

Maldives: Maldivian Activist Faces Jail For Blasphemy

Mohamed Rusthum Mujuthaba, 39, a Maldivian religious freedom and human rights activist, faces five months in prison, if convicted, on charges of blasphemy. Accused of posting blasphemous contents on social media, he was detained for more than six months without trial under the Maldives' Penal Code, in violation of international human rights law. The Maldivian authorities must immediately drop the charges against Mohamed Rusthum Mujuthaba.

You can download the full PDF or click Take Action at the top of the page for a link to a pre-prepared email/letter action.

Keep checking the Urgent Actions sites for actions you can take from your home:

Next meeting

Thursday 14th July, Woodlands Methodist Church, Woodlands Road, 7.30pm. Full details on Facebook:

Please contact Freya ( with any questions.


1 Whilst some of the legislative changes referred to do not relate specifically to Scotland, it is frequently the case that individuals and groups within Scotland will wish to protest on matters reserved to the UK Parliament, take part in protests held, for example, in London, etc.


May 2022 Updates

Thank you to CL for thse updates. If you prefer, you can read them in PDF format.

Welcome & Introductions

Amnesty Meeting 12.05.22

Present: Merle, Lisa, Jim, Silvia, Andrew, Claire

Upcoming Events

  1. 24.05.22 – AIUK online training on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – @Claire attend and feedback

  2. 04.06.22 – Tiananmen Square Vigil, Edinburgh (@Mal who can we ask for more details?)

  3. 20.06.22-20.06.22 – Refugee Week, theme is “Healing” – see below

  4. 22.06.22 – AI Secretariat (international) will launch Right to Protest flagship campaign. In the UK, it will launch locally in Autumn 2022.

  5. 23.06.22: We need to have voted on AIUK's AGM resolutions by 23.06.. Did @Freya get a voting form for our group?

  6. 25.06.22: AIUK AGM, 10am-6pm, in London and online

Action Points

Context: AIUK Planned Campaigns for 2022

  1. Can AIUK see on their mailing list who lives in Glasgow and we
    can give them a text to email them saying “Do you know your local
    group?” @Mal?

  2. Follow-up on hosting a meeting with the people who were at the Iftar event (on Uyghurs, Palestine, Kashmir) – could tie this in with Israel Apartheid campaign (there are AIUK flyer & briefing notes; UN rapporteur's info); could have a more general meeting focus of “Religious Persecution” - @Mal has there been any chat from the Iftar attendees?

  3. Justice for Syria - @Jim will research, see if there are specific actions we as a group could take

  4. Save the Human Rights Act @Andrew will research, see if there are specific actions we as a group could take

  5. Refugee Week – @Silvia will ask her colleagues/contacts if someone can come as a speaker for the June meeting (09.06.22) to tell us what we can do to be most effective. @Silvia to (hopefully!) confirm by 20.05.22 🡪@Freya advertise everywhere w/c 23.05.22!

    1. @Mal (supported by @Lisa if needed) What are Glasgow Amnesty's links to the Edinburgh office? Can we email them asking how we can help them with upcoming events (way-in with Refugee Week?). Is there to be a photo action in George Square?!

    2. What other local events can we get involved in during Refugee Week – do we have links to other organisations' events and can offer to have a stall @Mal?

    3. Borders Bill: passed on 27.04.22. 🡪 @All - see letter template to be sent to MPs about the Rwanda part of it - Borders Bill Info.

Other focus areas for AIUK

Homelessness: We agreed not to focus on Homelessness as there are other groups who are focussing on it and are experts, but perhaps we could reshare their posts on Social Media, e.g. Positive Action in Housing / Shelter.

Ukraine: no one had specific ideas/thoughts on actions. AI's actions:

Right to Protest: no one had specific ideas/thoughts – maybe we wait until AI's campaign starts to focus on this? (although depends on Westminster too…)

Next Meeting: 2022-06-09

June Meeting, Thurs 9th June, 7.30pm: Welcoming Refugees in Glasgow

Our June meeting is going to be special as we have two guest speakers coming to talk to the group. In honour of Refugee Week, which takes place later on in June, we will be using our monthly meeting to find out more about the lived experience of refugees here in Glasgow and what we can do as activists to support them and campaign for their rights.

Our two expert speakers are:

  1. Dr Teresa Piacentini - Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Teresa has a research interest in the experiences of people seeking asylum and refugees in Scotland.

  2. Ahlam Al-Bashiri - Campaigner on refugee voting rights in Scotland. Ahlam works with Saheliya Organisation. Ahlam was a Yemeni diplomat and she is co- founder of To Yemen With Love, an initiative to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis and the war in Yemen, and to highlight Yemeni culture and traditions in Scotland.

Join us on Thursday at our usual meeting venue (Woodlands Methodist Church) at 7.30pm. Friends and family very welcome too as we'd like a large turnout for Teresa and Ahlam. Facebook event here:


April 2022 Updates

Many thanks to MDS for these updates. If you prefer to read them as a PDF, you can do so here.

Welcome & Introductions

New Amnesty Activism Representative for Scotland

The group welcomed Amnesty's new Activism Representative for Scotland, Danielle McCall.

Danielle will be taking on this volunteering role, along aside existing Activism Representative, Malcolm Dingwall-Smith, to support Amnesty's local groups across Scotland.

Good news - Prisoners Of Conscience In Honduras Released

All the eight Guapinol defenders were unconditionally released in February 2022.

On 24 February 2022, the sentencing court of Trujillo ordered the release of the six Guapinol defenders (José Daniel Márquez, Kelvin Alejandro Romero, José Abelino Cedillo, Porfirio Sorto Cedillo, Ewer Alexander Cedillo and Orbin Nahún Hernández) that remained in prison following a favourable resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice on 10 February 2022.

Arnol Javier Alemán and Jeremías Martínez Díaz had been acquitted and released immediately on 9 February 2022.

Campaign updates

2022 Overview

Topics AIUK will be campaigning on this year include:

  • end Israeli apartheid
  • Ukraine crisis response
  • justice for Syria
  • save the Human Rights Act
  • freedom of expression – right to protest
  • refugee & migrant rights
  • homelessness

More details can be found at:

Nationality & Borders Bill

Thank you to everyone who has taken a stand against the most harmful aspects of this Bill. This piece of legislative vandalism, which will wreck the UK's asylum system, undermine international law and criminalise people for attempting to reach a place of safety, continues to progress through parliament.

On 22 March, MPs voted to remove all of the amendments added to the Bill by the Peers in the House of Lords - see here for a full list of these amendment and our parliamentary briefing.

One positive to come out of House of Commons debate, was a concession by the government to British nationality rights to Chagos Islanders. This is an issue AIUK has lobbied parliamentarians on throughout the Bill's passage.

The Bill will return to the House of Lords in April.  


Urgent Actions


Melissa Lucio, a 52-year-old Mexican American woman, is scheduled to be executed in Texas on 27 April 2022.


French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hammouri has been issued a four-month administrative detention order.


Hangings have resumed in Singapore for drug related offences, after Abdul Kahar bin Othman was executed on 30 March. The previous day, the appeal for Malaysian national Nagaenthran Dharmalingam was rejected, and he is believed to be at risk of having his execution reset imminently.

Ukraine response – Monthly mailing

Please take and share the action

Parliamentary briefing and MP letter:

Link to Crisis Lab monitoring human rights violations:

Belarussian – Monthly mailing

Marfa Rabkova, Belarussian human rights defender. Demand she is freed.

British nationals in Iran – Monthly mailing

While Nazanin and Anoosheh have been reunited with their families, Amnesty continue to campaign for Morad Tahbaz and Mehran Raoof, who are still arbitrarily detained in Iran.

You can contact your local MP to:

  1. ask them to raise Morad's and Mehran's cases with the Foreign Secretary, asking for them to not be forgotten and calling for their release
  2. ask them to raise their cases publicly and mention Morad and Mehran in Parliament

IOPT – Monthly mailing

In a significant development, the UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in the OPT published a landmark report concluding that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid. Due to his mandate, he was only able to look at the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories but his findings are similar to Amnesty's.

Here is Amnesty's response.

For International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Amnesty did a film shoot outside the Israeli Embassy where they renamed their street Apartheid Avenue and Palestinian dancers did a Dabke outside.

Here's Amnesty's film:

Here is a new guest blog post from an activist in Gaza.

There is a new activist toolkit with ways to get involved.

Report back from Iftar and discussions of next steps

  • Group members attended a successful human rights iftar hosted in partnership by Amnesty, the Muslim Council of Scotland and AMINA.

  • The next step for the group could be to host a meeting focussed on some of the human rights issues highlighted at the iftar including the Uyghurs, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Kashmir. This would allow those at the iftar who were interested in getting more involved to join the Glasgow West Amnesty group.

  • Post meeting note: While there was discussion of making this the focus of the May meeting, it will now be held at a later date.


  • 19 March: UN Anti-Racism Day march, Glasgow

Group members joined this march.

  • 16 April: No to Offshore Detention, Glasgow

Group members planned to join this demo.

  • 24 May: AIUK Equality, Inclusion & Diversity training, Online

This will be an online session open to Amnesty activists. More details to follow.

  • 4 June: Tiananmen Square vigil, Edinburgh

There are plans for Amnesty to hold a vigil outside the Chinese consulate on 4th June to mare the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Other updates & AOB

  • State of the World report

The Amnesty International State of the World Review 2021/22 is available at

  • Women's Rights Education Resource

Access and share Amnesty's new Women's Rights resources with educators, including sessions on gender stereotyping for Primary and Secondary students, online gender-based violence and women and unpaid care work.

Find the pack here.

  • Human Rights online courses

As part of Amnesty's ongoing work to improve access to all the training and education Amnesty UK produces, they have created a new space on the website to find it all in one place. They are still fleshing it out and will of course be adding more training and education as it is developed.

Next Meeting: Thursday 12th May 2022

Facebook event:


March 2022 Updates

Thanks to FL for these updates. If you prefer, you can read them as a PDF!

March Updates

Attendees at monthly meeting (10th March):


Anti-Racism March, Sat 19th March

We're taking part in the Stand Up to Racism march on Saturday 19th March. Meet us at 11am outside the Park Gardens entrance to Kelvingrove Park (bottom of the granite steps, G3 7YE). We should be easy to spot with Amnesty International banners/ placards. Come and join us!

Any questions please email Mal (

Facebook event for full details:

Saudi Arabia Campaign Updates (CA)

Raif Badawi

You might remember taking action for Raif Badawi a Saudi Arabian poet and activist, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for setting up a website that allowed people to voice their views.

He was sentenced in 2014, and after too many years of unfair imprisonment we are happy to report that Raif was released last Friday. The conditions of his release - and the possible 10-year travel ban - are unclear at this point.

Reprieve Petition

Petition from the organisation, Reprieve, calling on Boris Johnson to cancel his trip to Saudi Arabia and condemn the killings: Reprieve

Local Group Update from AIUK

Please follow the link to read the latest Local Groups Update - Local Group Update from Amnesty UK

Issues covered in this month's mailing:

  • Board elections 2022

  • AGM role vacancies

  • Rise Up, a free campaigning course for 16-24 year olds

  • New online portal where you can access all of Amnesty International
    courses, training and resources in one place

  • Update on the Nationality and Borders Bill

  • Learn more about Israel's Apartheid against Palestinians

  • Amnesty's position on vaccine mandates

  • Human Rights Act consultation

  • Local group fundraising update

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: Call on the UK Government to do more!

With the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, we need to ensure that the UK government steps up to support refugees. We want to see the UK play its part in strengthening international efforts to protect civilians and in bringing to justice those suspected of crimes under international law.

According to the UN refugee agency, more than 2.8 million people have fled from Ukraine since Russia's criminal invasion on 24 February. Amnesty believes the UK's deeply inadequate response to the Ukraine refugee crisis is evidence of a "corrosively anti-refugee attitude" within the Home Office. The Government is currently taking its Nationality and Borders Bill through Parliament, which will fundamentally undermine the UK's asylum system and damage refugee rights globally.

Please contact your local MP as soon as possible to encourage them to raise these concerns with the Prime Minister. On the link below, you will find a template letter and a briefing to send to your MP. There is also a template press release for you to send to local media to raise awareness locally and help put pressure on your MP and the government.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis Link

Amnesty AGM and National Conference 2022

This year's AGM will be predominantly virtual, and held on the 25th June 2022. The in-person activities will be taking place at the Human Rights Action Centre in London.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the Human Rights Action Centre, we will be asking those who can, to join virtually as there will be a limited number of spaces available to join in person. To join us in person, please register your interest here: using this Google Form

Urgent Actions

Thank you to MR for sharing these urgent actions.

China: Imprisoned Bookseller At Risk Of Ill-Treatment

Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai was sentenced on 24 February 2020 to 10 years' imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for five years, on the charge of "illegally providing intelligence to foreign entities". Since then, he has been denied access to his family and, having obtained Swedish citizenship in 1996, to Swedish consular assistance. There are grave concerns over Gui Minhai's poor health, and that he is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. The Chinese government must release Gui Minhai immediately; pending his release, he must be granted access to his family, lawyers of his choice, consular support, and adequate medical care.

imprisoned Bookseller At Risk of Ill-Treatment

Iran: Tortured Kurdish Men At Risk Of Execution

Anwar Khezri, Ayoub Karimi, Davoud Abdollahi, Farhad Salimi, Ghassem Abesteh, Kamran Sheikheh and Khosrow Basharat, all from Iran's Kurdish Sunni minority, are at risk of execution at Raha'i Shahr prison, near Tehran. They were convicted of "corruption on earth" (efsad-e fel-arz) and sentenced to death in grossly unfair trials marred by claims of torture to extract "confessions".

Tortured Kurdish Men At Risk of Execution

Singapore: Halt Resumption Of Unlawful Executions

The authorities of Singapore are poised to resume hangings, after a two-year hiatus linked to pending appeals and the COVID-19 pandemic. In violation of international law and standards, several people who were sentenced to the mandatory death penalty for drug-related offenses are facing imminent execution, and more executions may follow. The Supreme Court has been petitioned to halt the executions and there are concerns on the use of the death penalty on those with mental and intellectual disabilities. The government of Singapore must halt all scheduled executions, commute these sentences and establish an official moratorium on all executions as a first step towards full abolition of the death penalty.

Halt Reumption of Unlwaful Executions in Singapore

You can download the full PDF or click Take Action at the top of the page for a link to a pre-prepared email/letter action.

Keep checking the Urgent Actions sites for actions you can take from your home - Urgent Actions at AIUK

Next meeting

Thursday 14th April, Woodlands Methodist Church, Woodlands Road, 7:30pm. Full details in our Facebook event:

Please bring your face masks and do a lateral flow test prior to attending if you can.

You can also contact Freya ( with any questions.


February Meeting Info + January 2022 Minutes!

Thank you to FL for these minutes! As ever, you can read them as a PDF if you would prefer.



Patrick Grady MP Visit in February

We look forward to welcoming back Patrick Grady MP who is coming to talk to the group at our meeting on the 10th February. Patrick Grady is the MP for Glasgow North and friend of the group. We talked about the different points we would like to discuss with Patrick during the meeting.

We'd like to encourage a large turnout to welcome our guest speaker so please share details of the meeting with anyone you think may be interested.

Treasurer's Report and Fundraising Needs

Due to COVID limiting our fundraising activities, the group is low on
funds. Some of the things we need to pay for include meeting room costs,
Amnesty affiliation fees and very importantly, postage costs.

We talked about some of the ways we could fundraise over the next couple
of months.

CC suggested providing a fundraising link on our social media. She is
going to look into the best websites to use for this. Other group
members also suggested putting out a call for donations to our mailing

We aim to start organising face to face fundraising activities again
later in the year when hopefully COVID is less of a concern...

Secretary's Report

Local Group Update

You can read the latest Local Groups Update online

Our group features in this month's Local Groups Update!

Issues covered in this month's mailing:

  • Write for Rights 2021

  • Campaign to stop young girls from being forced into early marriage
    in West & Central Africa

  • Amnesty Activism during COP26

  • Appeal for funds

  • Volunteering opportunity: Become an Activism Rep!

  • JCB Off Track: New Report & Local Action - Israel / Occupied
    Palestinian Territories

  • Training opportunities: Introduction to Equity and Inclusion Course
    and Climate Change and Human Rights Course

No One Is Illegal Events in January

There is a lot of concern in Glasgow and across the country about the UK Government's Borders Bill and it's potential impact on people applying for asylum here. Please join us in protesting against this new and damaging legislation.

You can find Amnesty's Truth Behind the Bill fact sheet here:

12-2pm, Saturday 22nd January: We All Belong - No One Is Illegal!

gathering in Maxwell Square Park, Kenmure Street

(NB: This is a different place to the larger Maxwell Park). This is an opportunity to learn more about the issue and prepare for the march the following week. There will be free food, information stalls, spearhead and poster and badge making. Please make sure to take a lateral flow test before attending. We are hoping to have a stall at this event.

More on Facebook:

Saturday 29th January -- March

11am, Saturday 29th January

We All Belong - No One Is Illegal! march from the Bowling Green, Kenmure Street, Pollokshields to George Square to join Refugees for Justice who will be holding an event starting at noon in support of asylum seekers and against hotel detention. Please bring posters and banners.

The march route is approximately 2 miles.

More on Facebook:

Other Upcoming Events

Saturday 15th January Poland Embassy Protest: Stop Refugees Freezing!

We will be outside the Poland Consulate in Edinburgh on the 15th January as part of an International Day of Action in solidarity with thousands of refugees stuck on the Belarus/ Poland border in freezing conditions. We will join with activists from Edinburgh Undercroft Amnesty group, Edinburgh Portobello Amnesty group, Edinburgh University Amnesty group, and Europe Must Act - Scotland group.

The Government of Poland must stop illegal pushback tactics against refugees who arrive in Poland and allow humanitarian assistance from NGOs.

EU should enforce European law but also ensure Poland and other border states are supported to look after the increased number of refugees and to safely and legally settle then in countries across Europe. The UK Government said we are only leaving EU and not Europe so we too have a moral responsibility to support in this way as well, especially if Poland is truly an ally.

Alexander Lukashenko and the Government of Belarus must stop using these refugees as pawns in their geo-politocal games, bringing them to the border on false promises, subjecting them to horrific violence from the police, and then in some cases forcing them back to their home countries where they are at risk.

No country comes out of this situation with any credit, while these humans freeze in temperatures that will drop to below zero this winter!

We stand in solidarity with our fellow activists around Europe raising this issue and to all refugees living in inhumane conditions. As our friends say, Europe Must Act.

Contact Mal ( for more information.

Saturday 19th March UN Anti-Racism Day March

More details of this march to follow. Please save the date.

Urgent Actions

Thank you to MR for sharing these urgent actions.

Congo: Peaceful activists jailed for 'defamation' (act by 31 Jan)

Activists Claude Lwaboshi Buhazi (32), Faustin Ombeni Tulinabo (26) and Serge Mikindo Waso (33), members of the citizen movement, Jicho la Raiya (The Eye of the Citizens) were arrested on 18 February in Kirotshe, in the Democratic Republic of Congo's North Kivu province, as they were preparing to take part in a peaceful protest against "illegal road taxation" and allegations of mismanagement at the Kirotshe health district. They were accused of defamation and jailed at the police station in Kirotshe before being transferred to Goma Central Prison on 2 March. On 26 November, their request for release on bail was rejected by a military magistrate in Goma. Amnesty International calls for the three activists' immediate and unconditional release.

China: Covid-19 journalist must be granted medical bail (act by 20 Jan)

Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, who has been on partial hunger strike in protest of her incarceration, is at grave risk of death and her family does not expect her to live through the winter if she is not released on medical grounds. Shanghai Women's Prison has not responded to an application for her bail on medical grounds filed by her family on 15 November. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhan's lawyer and family members continue to file applications to visit her in person, but to no avail. Pending her release, the Chinese authorities must accept the application of medical bail before she dies in the prison.

Morocco: Sahrawi activist raped by Moroccan forces (act by 25 Jan)

On 15 November, Moroccan security forces broke into the house of Sultana Khaya, Sahrawi woman activist and defender of Sahrawis' right to self-determination. They raped her and sexually abused her sisters and 80-year-old mother. This is not the first time Moroccan forces have committed acts of torture and other ill-treatment against Sultana Khaya and her family, who have been under de facto house arrest since November 2020.


You can download the full PDF or click Take Action at the top of the page for a link to a pre-prepared email/letter action.

Keep checking the Urgent Actions sites for actions you can take from your home:

Next meeting

Thursday 10th February, Woodlands Methodist Church, Woodlands Road, 7:30pm.

Full details in our Facebook event: []

Guest speaker Patrick Grady MP for Glasgow North!

Please bring your face masks and do a lateral flow test prior to attending.

You can also contact Freya (freya_lyte\ with any questions.


November 2021 Minutes

Many thanks to FL for these minutes! If you wish, you may read them as a PDF.

Welcome and Introductions





Write for Rights Campaign 2021

Amnesty International runs the Write for Rights campaign annually across the world. Individuals and groups who face human rights abuses are identified. Supporters can either chose to send messages of solidarity, or write appeal letters to the relevant authorities, or both! During the 2020 Write for Rights campaign, over 4.4 million actions were taken! For more information, visit the website: []

Write for Rights Event at Milk Cafe

We are planning an event(s) at Milk Cafe on Victoria Road the week beginning 6th December.

We need volunteers to help with this. Please email Freya ([freya_lyte\]) ASAP to find out more.

We will also be taking part in Write for Rights at our December meeting and via our social media. Double check that you're following us on Twitter (\@AmnestyGlasWest) Facebook (\@glasgowwestamnesty) and Instagram (\@glasgowwestamnesty)!

Week of Action: Stop the Rights Raid (10-17th October)

Thank you to all group members who got in touch with their MPs re: legislation going through parliament which we believe will negatively impact human rights. We had supportive responses from local MPs Alison Thewliss and Patrick Grady. Please get in touch if you would like a copy of their responses.

COP26 Activism

Glasgow West Amnesty were busy with two events over COP26.

We participated in the climate justice march on 6th November alongside members of the Glasgow University Amnesty group and Amnesty members from other parts of Scotland.

On Sunday 7th, we organised a vigil for persecuted environmental activists. The vigil featured speeches from Marie Kolo, an activist from Madagascar, Sandra from Colombia, Allyson Castillo, Amnesty youth activist from Chile and Glasgow university students. Attendees took part in a solidarity action for Bernardo Caal Xol and signed petitions on related issues. The event was well-attended, including by local MP Patrick Grady and MSP Paul Sweeney.

Thank you to group members Kirstie and Claire L for helping to organise the vigil and Mal for introducing all the speakers and coordinating the event on the day. Thanks also to Music Broth whom we rented the mic and speaker from.

If you would like to find out more about how climate change is a human rights issue, check out the recording of the Scotland Online Activism Group's event on the subject. It features Chiara Liguori from Amnesty's International Secretariat and Amnesty youth activist Serena Jemmett in an enlightening and enjoyable discussion on climate change and human rights:

[Why Climate Change is a Human Rights issue: Amnesty & COP26 ]

Secretary's Report

Local Group Update

Please follow the link to read the latest Local Groups Update:

[November Local Groups Update]

Other Upcoming Events

Screening of Bringing Assad to Justice

We are planning to organise a film screening of this documentary. The documentary, Bringing Assad To Justice, is the remarkable story of efforts against the odds to make one of the worst regimes of our time accountable for heinous crimes without parallel since the Nazis. Visit the film's website for more information: We will let you know when we have confirmed a date and venue.

Patrick Grady MP Visit

We look forward to hearing from Patrick Grady MP at our February meeting (10th). Save the date!


We look forward to organising a ceilidh fundraiser in 2022! Get in touch if you would like to be involved with this.

Urgent Actions

Thank you to MR for sharing these urgent actions.

Libya: Activist missing after seizure by armed men

Armed men abducted Mansour Atti, a journalist, blogger and head of the Red Crescent Committee and of the Civil Society Commission in Ajdabiya, on 3 June 2021 near his workplace in Ajdabiya, in northeastern Libya. Since then, his family have received no information about his fate and whereabouts, amid credible reports that he is being held by an armed group in eastern Libya. Prior to his abduction, Mansour Attia had been subjected to repeated questioning about his activism by the Internal Security Agency-Ajdabiya, an armed group affiliated to the Libyan Arab Armed Forces (LAAF), a powerful armed group in de facto control of eastern Libya.


Tunisia: LGBTI rights defender violently attacked

Badr Baabou, a human rights defender and LGBTI rights activist, was violently assaulted by police officers on the night of 21 October 2021 in downtown Tunis. Security forces have been targeting Badr Baabou for his work and activism in promoting the rights and freedoms of LGBTI people in Tunisia. This attack is the latest in a long series that spans several years. Several complaints have been filed but to no avail. The authorities must conduct an investigation into the attack, bringing those responsible to account.


Indonesia: Human rights defenders accused of defamation

Haris Azhar and Fatia Maulidiyanti face a criminal investigation following allegations of defamation by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment Affairs. The police report follows the upload of a YouTube video containing a dialogue between the two defenders about findings from a recent report outlining the alleged involvement of several military figures in the mining industry.

If the police decide to proceed with the report, Azhar and Maulidyanti could face up to six years in prison under the Electronic Information and Transactions Law simply for exercising their human right to freedom of expression.


Singapore: Unlawful execution set for Malaysian national

The authorities of Singapore have set the execution of Malaysian national Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam for 10 November. In violation of international law and standards, he was sentenced to the mandatory death penalty after he was found guilty of transporting 42.72 grams of diamorphine in April 2009. Several medical experts have found him to have borderline intellectual functioning and cognitive deficits, which might have impacted his ability to assess risks and his accounts of the circumstances of the offence. You must take action before the 30th November.


You can download the full PDF or click Take Action at the top of the page for a link to a pre-prepared email/letter action.

Keep checking the Urgent Actions sites for actions you can take from your home:

[Urgent Actions]

Next meeting

Thursday 9th December, 7pm

Our December meeting will be a little bit different! It's going to be hosted by the group secretary, Freya, in her flat in the southside of Glasgow.

Write for Rights is live this month so we'll be writing solidarity cards and appeal letters for the individuals in this year's caseload. They'll also be festive snacks and drinks. Importantly, it will give us a chance to reconnect after so many online meetings!

Please RSVP ([freya_lyte\]) to get the address and information on how to get there. When you RSVP, please let us know of any dietary requirements you may have. 🙂

As this event is inside, we ask that you take a lateral flow COVID test on the day. Thanks in advance.

There is a Facebook event for this meeting:



September 2021 Minutes

Thanks to FL and MDS for these minutes. You can read them as a PDF here.

Welcome and Introductions

Attending: AH, CA, CL, KM, MDS

Apologies: MR, FL, JG

The group welcomed new member Anna.

The group to move the meetings to the third Thursday of the month for October and November.

Secretary's Report

Local Group Update

Please follow the link to read the latest Local Groups Update: [Local Groups Update]

  • There will be a national Amnesty conference held in London on 13th November.

  • The monthly mailing includes an inspiring message of thanks sent by Vernon Gonsalves to a local Amnesty group in the UK. Vernon is part BK16 prisoners held in India.

Week of Action (10-17th October)

Many groups including Amnesty UK, Liberty, the British Institute of Human Rights, Freedom from Torture, the End Violence Against Women coalition (EVAW), Stonewall and Equally Ours alongside Quakers, Humanists and others are coming together to tell MPs to Stop the Rights Raid.

What we need to do:

  1. Reach out to our local MPs and ask them to meet in October. A draft email you can use to contact your MP was included in the last group email. There are also more detailed materials now available. Please email Freya for a copy ([freya_lyte\]). Let Freya know who you have emailed.

  2. Meet with our MPs (either online or in person) to discuss the Rights Raid with them. Amnesty have provided a briefing to help us with this. Again, see previous email or Freya. You can also request a written response from your MP instead.

Amnesty is running a series of online workshop to support activists with the Week of Action.

Influencing your MP and engaging local media session with top tips and support

Monday 27 September, 6 - 7.30pm Register here:

[via GoToWebinar]

Short session with Naomi McAuliffe (Amnesty Scotland) to understand the devolved context

Thursday 30 September 7-7.30pm. No registration. Join on Zoom here:

[Naomi McAuliffe short Zoom session]

Ask the experts: a panel to get you up to speed on the Bills

Monday 4 October, 6 - 7.30pm Register here - [hosted via GoToWebinar]


Online Events

Why Climate Change is a Human Rights issue: Amnesty and COP26

Wed, 22 September, 18:30 -- 20:00

An intro to why climate change is a human rights issue and what Amnesty International will be doing when COP26 comes to Glasgow in November.

Recording available here:

Protecting human rights of environmental campaigners

We also understand that during COP, Amnesty International UK will be organising an online event focused on protecting the human rights of environmental campaigners around the world.

In Person Events

Amnesty Bloc in Global Day for Climate Justice March, Glasgow

Saturday 6th November

We aim to provide a friendly and safe environment for those joining the protest, while highlighting impact of climate change on human rights.

Vigil for environmental campaigners

We are also planning a vigil on Sunday 7th November in solidarity with persecuted environmental campaigners around the world.

Afghanistan Action

Please sign this petition calling on the Prime Minister to act urgently to help Afghan civilians at risk


Other Upcoming Events

Take One Action! Film Festival

Runs from the 22nd - 26th September with both online and in-cinema screenings. Check out the full programme here:

Urgent Actions

Keep checking the Urgent Actions sites for actions you can take from your home -


John Gerrard has decided to move over the Glasgow Daytime Amnesty Group. John is the longest running member of Glasgow West Amnesty and has made a fantastic contribution over many years. We want to thank him for all his activism and wish him luck in all his continued human rights campaigning.

Next meeting

Thursday 21st October


May 2021 Minutes

Thanks again To MDS for these minutes. As ever they can be read as a PDF if that is your preference.

Glasgow West Amnesty Minutes

May Meeting - 13 May 2021

Attending: CA, MDS, JG, IJ, KM, MR, EY

  1. Introductions

    • Group Chair: Claire Crossan is standing down as group chair with the thanks of everyone for all her work as chair over the years. Mal and Freya have agreed to pick-up the role on an interim basis until we are back to in person meetings and can appoint a new chair.
  2. Long-term case – Women Human Rights Defenders in Saudi Arabia

    • This action is focused on women human rights defenders arrested in Saudi Arabia, including Loujain al-Hathloul, al-Hathloul, Nassima al-Sada and Samar Badawi. While Loujain has been released and Nassima and Samar are expected to be released in June they will not be free. Their sentences may have an element that has been suspended meaning that they are risk in any future crackdown. They and their families face travel bans. They face a ‘probationary’ period which will prevent them from speaking about the violations they have suffered and which will stop them from continuing their previous human rights work. They will face continued stigma because of the government’s smear campaign. The women should be unconditionally free from prison, travel bans and other forms of intimidation and threats that hinder their own safety, well-being and activism.

    • Those at the meetings were asked to write letters, tweet and email.

    • If you would like a copy of the most recent Saudi Arabia newsletter for more information, please get in touch with Christine - "".

  3. Urgent actions

  4. Monthly mailing

    • Anoosheh Ashoori (Iran): Anoosheh was visiting his elderly mother in Tehran when he was arrested by Ministry of Intelligence agents in August 2017 and arbitrarily detained in Evin prison. Online petition: Re-tweet: If you want to send any messages of solidarity, you can send these to Amnesty and they will make sure to share these with his family:

    • Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (Iran): Earlier this week, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was given a new jail sentence of one year for “propaganda against the system” and a ban on her leaving the country for a year after, following a hearing before an Iranian Revolutionary Court in Tehran last month. This is the news that we and her family feared the most and further proof of the incredible cruelty of the Iranian regime. Instead of spending the last five years with her young daughter, Nazanin has been unjustly and arbitrarily trapped in Iran. Re-tweet: Share on Facebook: You can send solidarity messages for her family to

    • Anoosheh and Nazanin (Iran) - Contact your MP: If you would like to take further action with your local MP, please email Amnesty ( and they will send you a briefing on how you can take action.

    • Elena Milashina (Russia): a reporter for Novaya Gazeta, reported the abduction, torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya, in the North Caucasus, is now facing death threats after her article exposing unlawful arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings there was published in March. Online petition:

    • Hearts and Lives Broken: The Nightmare of Uyghur Families Separated by Repression: Call on China to allow reunion of Uyghur families. Some Uyghur parents have been separated from their children as a result of the unprecedented crackdown on ethnic populations in Xinjiang. With your voice, we can push China to end this separation. Letter action:

    • Syria: New blog - On the Trauma of Advocacy by Mansour Omari: Mansour Omari is a Syrian human rights defender, working to hold the perpetrators of international crimes in Syria accountable. In 2012, Omar was detained and tortured by the Syrian government for 356 days for documenting its atrocities. In this new blog, he talks about the impact of reliving his trauma as part of his fight for justice. His words are powerful and incredibly brave. Please share widely.

    • Amnesty Group News: As Amnesty’s 60th anniversary approaches, we’re delighted to share with you the latest edition of Groups News, which is packed full of wonderful stories of activism from the last six decades, as well as examples of some of the great work you’ve been doing over the last six months.

  5. Future meetings/ events

    • Tuesday 18th May – Amnesty Scotland Online Activism group talk on human rights in China

    • Tuesday 18th May – Human Rights Act roadshow

    • Thursday 10th June – Group picnic.

    • Looking at options for return to in person meetings later in the summer.

  6. AOB

    • Treasurer report - £358.89 in the account

    • One of the former members has an archive of old group material that we might want to have a think about.


April 2021 Minutes

Many thanks to MDS for the minutes this month. As ever, they can be read as a PDF if you prefer: PDF of April minutes.

Glasgow West Amnesty -- Online Meeting -- 9 April 2021

Attending: MR, JG, KMcL, B, ML

Guests: CB, NIZ, AM, JA, SM

Women's Rights in South Asia

Cherry Bird, Nigina Istanakzai-zarifi and Ayesha Mehta are country coordinators in the Amnesty International UK South Asia team. They joined the call to provide a talk on women's rights in South Asia, covering Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal. Issues covered included the role of women within politics and peace talks, violence against women human rights defenders, the baad system of giving women to settle debts or disputes, virginity testing, the impact of colonialism on strengthening damaging gender stereotypes, sexual violence as a weapon in conflicts, honour killings, rape, and access to healthcare and education.

The group thanks Cherry, Nigina and Ayesha for the really informative talk they delivered.

Urgent Actions

MR highlighted four urgent actions that group members are encouraged to take action on.

Aleksei Navalny's health and life in danger

Prominent Russian opposition figure and anti-corruption campaigner Aleksei Navalny was arbitrarily arrested on 17 January 2021 after recovering from being poisoned. He was subsequently sentenced to two and a half years in prison for "violating the terms of a suspended sentence". In prison, he is being ill-treated and denied adequate medical assistance despite serious deterioration of his health. In protest, he continues a hunger strike that began on 31 March. Aleksei Navalny's detention is unlawful and politically motivated. He must be immediately released.

Please write as soon as possible and copy in the ambassador to the UK (address included in the PDF on the Take action page).

Family members detained on fabricated charges

On 17 March, the NGO Russian LGBT Network reported that lawyers were finally allowed to visit Salekh Magamadov and Ismail Isaev in a remand facility in Chechnya's capital Grozny. They complained about ill-treatment and multiple violations of fair trial guarantees. They are being prosecuted on spurious charges solely for exercising their right to freedom of expression, including in connection with their real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, and must be immediately released. All charges against them must be dropped.

Take action

Four Ahwazi Arab men secretly executed

Ali Khasraji, Hossein Silawi, Jasem Heidary and Naser Khafajian, from Iran's Ahwazi Arab minority, were executed in secret in Sepidar prison on 28 February 2021. The Iranian authorities are concealing the full truth about their fate as well as the location of their graves and are refusing to return their bodies to their families, thereby committing the ongoing crime of enforced disappearance. Ahwazi Arab prisoners of conscience Mohammad Ali Amouri, Jaber Alboshokeh and Mokhtar Alboshokeh continue to be denied adequate health care. 

Take action

Journalists must be released immediately

On 16 February, the 2nd Erbil Criminal Court, in the Kurdish Region of Iraq's capital, sentenced activists and journalists Sherwan Sherwani, Guhdar Zebari, Hariwan Issa, Ayaz Karan and Shvan Saeed to six years in prison following an unfair trial, based on trumped-up charges of "destabilizing the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I)". The five journalists are now on hunger strike as they await the appeal verdict expected to take place by 16 March. They must be immediately and unconditionally released.

Take action

Finance & Fundraising

JG has paid this year's affiliation fee to AIUK.

The group currently has £358.89 in the bank.

Group members were reminded about the two current fundraising proposals. The litter pick which is now live and the auction of promises.

Sponsored litter pick

We have decided to do a sponsored litter pick to fundraise for Amnesty
and do our bit for our local environment! All you need to do is:

  1. choose your litter pick date and location (remember to stay local)

  2. ask your friends and neighbours to sponsor you. FL has made a free
    flyer on the website Canva to share with your neighbours as per
    CA's suggestion.

You can edit and download the flyer to print yourself via this link:

Flyer on Canva

If you need a hand with this let FL know (

We've also set up a GoFundMe page for people's donations:

  1. take a photo of yourself out on your litter pick and send them to
    Freya or share them directly to our social media pages
    (@AmnestyGlasWest for Twitter and @glasgowwestamnesty for
    Facebook and Instagram)

CA has some litter pickers you can borrow so get in touch with her if you'd like to use these. If you'd like a buddy from the Amnesty group to do your litter pick with, get in touch with Freya and she can link you up. Remember current rules are four people together from two households. Let's all aim to do our litter pick before the May meeting and raise some much-needed funds for Amnesty!

Auction of Promises

Our second fundraiser is an Auction of Promises. We're asking everyone to think of something we could contribute to the auction by the May meeting.

You can either offer your own services in a promise, e.g. a guided walk, baking a cake, an hour's gardening, a language lesson, cat/dog sitting, house/garden plants, a painting, etc. What special talents do you have?

Alternatively, contact your local businesses and see if they'll donate something to the auction. Their business will be promoted on our publicity for the auction.

Or you could do both.

Here is some inspiration from the Glasgow Uni Amnesty who organised a similar fundraiser with donations from local businesses for Christmas:

GUAI JustGiving

We look forward to hearing what you all come up with next month. We can aim to hold the online auction in May or June.