September 2023 Meeting and August Updates

Thank you to AMG for these updates. If you would like to read them as a PDF you can do so here.

We warmly invite you to attend the next meeting of the AI Glasgow West Group. Please come and join in our lively and friendly discussions and help us make a positive difference to supporting Human Rights around the world.

This email includes:

  • Details of our forthcoming September 2023 meeting
  • Excerpts from and a link to AIUK's most recent update for local AI groups
  • Minutes of our local group meeting held last month
  • A note of all our local Group's meeting dates for 2023

September 2023 Glasgow West AI Group Meeting

Thursday 14th September, Woodlands International Methodist Church, 7:30pm

The next Glasgow West Amnesty meeting takes place on Thursday 14th September 2023 at 7.30pm – 9pm in Woodlands International Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6LW.
Further details on Facebook -

We would love to see you there!

Our activities for the September meeting include:

  • Planning our annual ‘Write for Rights' events;

  • Working with other groups in Glasgow to help take forward local support for the LiftTheBan's “High Street Challenge” campaign, which aims to overturn the ban on asylum seekers working whilst their claim is being considered; and

  • Undertaking letter writing in response to recent Urgent Actions alerts from AI.

Extract Of Local Groups' Updates From AIUK

Full details of AIUK's update for local groups can be viewed via this link.

This month's update from AIUK includes the following:

New Amnesty Shop catalogue out now!

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We know that Local Groups and Student activists do amazing work for Amnesty.

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As always, we really appreciate your on-going support.

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Email to a request a copy of our new catalogue.

Upcoming dates

See more on the Amnesty Events page. Post your events on the website via this link.

Further information from AIUK

Full details of AIUK's update for local groups can be viewed via this browser link.

August 2023 Updates

Amnesty International

Glasgow West Local Group

Meeting held on 10th August 2023

Present: Claire (Chair), Fatma, Andrew, Han and Sophie.

Apologies submitted: Kirstie, Neil, Silvia, Mal and Mark.


Claire welcomed everyone to the meeting, including Han and Sophie, who were attending our Group for the first time.

Claire circulated hard copies of the meeting Agenda.

Minutes of July 2023 Meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and any matters arising were included in this month's agenda.

Social Media Update

In Silvia's absence, there was no social media update.

Action – Silvia to continue to further develop our Group's social media presence.

Finance Update

In Kirstie's absence, there was no finance update. However, she had given the cash float to Andrew so that any travel expenses, etc could be disbursed.

Doorbell for front door of meeting hall

To comply with the church hall's requirements for locking the front door, we have purchased a doorbell for our Group. The buzzer and a sign saying to press it for the AI meeting should be attached to the outside of the front door with Velcro, so that we hear anyone coming late to the meeting. The bell, buzzer and sign will be kept in the AI box in the meetng hall cupboard.

Action – Front door to be locked when meetings are taking place and doorbell buzzer and sign put up before meetings.

AI Merchandise

Claire brought along a range of free materials that she had requested from AIUK to support our work. This included badges, stickers, a new banner and a range of T-shirts.

It was also suggested that we could buy some blank tote bags and print AI logo / messages on them. We will try to get these for our next event.

It was suggested that members of our group may wish to take a t-shirt in exchange for a discretionary donation to the Group's funds.

Action – T-shirts and other materials are available to Group members and for use in our campaigns.

China / Hong Kong / Uighur

Claire noted that Fri 29th September is a traditional holiday in China and East Asia and that AIUK is encouraging local groups to mark this by highlighting relevant human rights issues.

Han noted that she had an interest in China related Human Rights issues.

Given that there is a Chinese Embassy office in Edinburgh, Claire will contact the Edinburgh group and enquire if they are planning any event that our Group may consider joining with.

Action – Claire to contact AI Edinburgh Group

Anti-boycott Bill - End Israeli Apartheid

The AIUK Media Team has produced template media letters on the Government's controversial new “anti-boycott bill”. This includes a template letter tailored for Scotland - here. All to consider forwarding this to local newspapers' letters pages.

Members can also sign and share AIUK's campaign to ban Israeli settlement goods, including contacting their local MP via this link.

Action – All Group members to consider 1.) forwarding the template letter to local news outlets and 2.) signing the Israeli settlement goods campaign / contacting their MP about this issue.

Urgent Actions

There had been no urgent actions prepared / printed off for this month's meeting.

However, urgent actions can be accessed via AIUK's Urgent Actions link, and individual Group members may wish to follow up on these.

Action – All to consider responding to the Urgent Action appeals

Local Groups' Update

A summary of the latest Local Groups' Update news Local Group's news Update was circulated with the meeting notice and Claire briefly highlighted some of the issues covered.

The latest update included information and photographs from our own Group's recent campaigns relating to refugees / asylum seekers.

Upcoming Events

Claire highlighted a number of upcoming AIUK events

Amnesty UK National Conference 2023 - 10am – 7:30pm, 4 November 2023; London & livestreamed online. Free of charge, with a range of workshops & speakers. Any member interested can book here.

Amnesty Disabled People's Human Rights Network launch - 23 September, from 11am to 4pm; London & online. Celebrating the long history of disabled people's activism in the UK, as well as learning about what is meant exactly by disability justice. We will also be setting the agenda for the disabled people's human rights network and sharing thoughts and ideas on what the network should work on for the next year! Anyone interested in inputting to this can book here.

Lift the Ban Campaign

Fatma has been involved in this campaign for some time. The purpose is to campaign in order to allow those seeking asylum to be entitled to legally work in the UK whilst their asylum application is being considered.

Many asylum seekers require to wait for very long periods of time (often years), for their asylum claim to be decided. This can result in financial problems due to lack of income, as well as mental health issues. It is also the case that many asylum seekers are qualified in occupations and sectors where there are labour shortages within the UK

Fatma has been undertaking voluntary work on Lift the Ban Campaign (LtB) with Maryhill Integration Network (MIN). This includes engaging local shop owners to encourage them to display posters and support the Campaign.

Fatma will discuss further with MIN colleagues how our Group might be able to contribute to the LtB work, e.g. via using our social media to highlight the LtB campaign or possibly for individual Group members to provide practical support.

Andrew suggested we could consider contacting Glasgow Chamber of Commerce or the relevant Scottish Minister with responsibility for Employment / Economy /relevant Councillors. (It may, however, be better to ensure that any such approach is co-ordinated via colleagues leading on Lift the Ban.

Further Information on Lift the Ban:

Action – Fatma to discuss further with MIN colleagues; Claire to share pdf info doc with Daytime group.

Other Matters

Action: Claire to share the email details of Arthur in AI North Ayrshire Group with Han.

Andrew suggested that members might find it useful to view the BBC interview with Agnes Callamard, AI Secretary General, which Merle had earlier shared the link to on our Signal Group.

Andrew had also included the link in the email that was circulated with this month's meeting notice.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 14th September 2023, 7.30pm - 9pm @ Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW.

Chakar has requested to present and lead a discussion on Balochistan.

Andrew noted his own apologies for the next meeting and asked that someone else record the note of the meeting.

2023 Meeting Dates

New Members very welcome!

The Group meets every 2nd Thursday at 7.30pm - 9pm.

The meetings take place at Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW

For further information contact

  • Thursday 12th January 2023

  • Thursday 9th February 2023

  • Thursday 9th March 2023

  • Thursday 13th April 2023

  • Thursday 11th May 2023

  • Thursday 8th June 2023

  • Thursday 13th July 2023

  • Thursday 10th August 2023

  • Thursday 14th September 2023

  • Thursday 12th October 2023

  • Thursday 9th November 2023

  • Thursday 14th December 2023


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