April 2024 Meeting + March Updates

Thanks to AMG for these updates. If you prefer to read them as a PDF, you can do so here.

We warmly invite you to attend the next meeting of the AI Glasgow West Group. Please come and join in our lively and friendly discussions and help us make a positive difference to supporting Human Rights around the world.

This email includes:

  • Details of our forthcoming April 2024 meeting;

  • Information on current AIUK activities;

  • Minutes of our local Group meeting held last month; and

  • A note of our local Group's meeting dates for 2024.

April 2024 Glasgow West AI Group Meeting

Thursday 11th April, Woodlands International Methodist Church, 7:30pm

The next Glasgow West Amnesty meeting takes place on Thursday 11th April 2024 at 7.30pm – 9pm in Woodlands International Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6LW.
Further details on Facebook -

We would love to see you there!

Our April meeting will include:

  • Updates from our local group co-ordinators on their activities;

  • Discussion on potential future projects / campaigns; and

  • Undertaking letter writing in response to recent Urgent Actions alerts from AIUK.

AIUK Local Updates

For details of the most recent AIUK Local Groups' Update, click on this link.

AI romsey

Photo – AI Romsey Group's Solidarity vigil for Alexi Navalny

This month's Local Groups' Update provides information of activities carried out by AI Groups across the UK, including solidarity actions for Gaza, events marking International Women's Day and a vigil for Alexi Navalny.

Our own local Group's recent fundraiser event was given a write-up in the AIUK Fundraising round-up.

Updates on Current AIUK Campaigns

For further details and more Amnesty International events, click this link.

Photo by Mike Kemp via Getty Image

These include campaigns relating to Israel / Palestine; Economic, Social & Cultural Rights; campaigning for progressive Human Rights in the forthcoming General Election; and Protect the Protest.

To sign the joint AIUK / Liberty petition calling on the Home Secretary to scrap the anti-protest measures, click on this link.

Shop Amnesty

Amnesty Shop – Browse Amnesty International's wide range of ethical gifts and everyday items via this link.


Minutes of Meeting held on 14th March 2024

  1. Welcome and apologies (introductions round table)

    • Attendees: Andrew, Kirstie, Merle, Neil and Clara.

    • Apologies: Claire, Jean, Mal, Sophie, Han and Cait.

    • Andrew chaired the meeting in Claire's absence.

    • A particular welcome was given to Clara, who was attending the group for the first time. Clara had recently been appointed as a Volunteer Co-ordinator for AI, covering North Korea and South Korea and was currently undergoing induction training. It was suggested that Clara might provide an update on her role at a future meeting, once she has been undertaking the duties for a while.

  2. Agreement of previous meeting minutes

    • The minutes of the 8th February meeting were agreed, with any matters arising being covered in the agenda.

3. Team Updates

(list of roles from AGM here)

a. Treasurer (Kirstie)

  • Main outgoings in past month have been postage, as well as raffle tickets bought for next year's fundraiser.

  • The Group's bank balance is currently £725.70.

  • Known future expenses are to cover our Group's annual AIUK affiliation fee (£72) and the quarterly payment for hire of the meeting room (£78).

b. Social Media & website (Mal & Cait)

  • No update.

c. Local Political Outreach (Neil)

  • No update.

  • Neil asked for clarification on this role, beyond what was covered in the summary circulated at the recent AGM (link above in this item). It was suggested that forthcoming elections in the year ahead might present an opportunity to engage with local politicians and encourage them to support key human rights issue within their manifestos. It was noted that AIUK had designated the UK General election as one of its Priority Campaigns for 2024. It was also suggested that engaging local MPs, MSPs and Councillors in various ongoing campaigns would be another approach, as we had successfully done in recent ‘Write for Rights' events.

d. Regional/ Country focus – South East Asia/ Myanmar (Mal)

  • No update.

e. Prisoner of Conscience/Individual At Risk Update (Han)

  • No update.

f. Wellbeing/D&I Update (Sophie)

  • No update.

4. The Stand 12.02.2024 comedy night fundraiser

  1. Thanks were given to everyone who bought tickets, contributed to the raffle / helped with promoting / sold raffle tickets & helped organise on the night of the fundraiser event.

  2. £1,630 was raised for the AI charitable arm from the ticket sales. Confirmation has been received from AIUK Charitable Trust that those funds have been sent to them by The Stand.

  3. £442 was raised for our local AI Group (via donation tins £36.74 + 5 euro and raffle £402).

  4. Overall, therefore, a total of £2,072 was raised at this year's event. (The 2023 total was £3,500, with the main difference being that the 2023 show was sold out and the tickets were sold for a higher price, due principally to Frankie Boyle being on the bill).

  5. Another Stand Comedy night fundraiser has already been booked for Thurs 20.02.25.

5. `Prevent' AIUK Report Launch

Read more on AIUK's website: Prevent AIUK Report

  1. Discussion took place on AIUK's report, published in Nov 2023, concerning the multiple failures highlighted in the design and implementation of the ‘Prevent' strategy, which was intended to discourage individuals from terrorism, but evidence indicates has led to numerous and significant human rights failings.

  2. AIUK had asked if our Group wished to help launch a Glasgow event concerning AIUK's Prevent report. Due to an absence of local volunteers within our Group to assist with the planning of such an event, it was agreed that we could not agree to this.

6. Uyghur film screening in April

  1. Nabila (China Country Coordinator) had linked up with the director of the film "All Static and Noise" for its April UK tour, which will include an AIUK ‘Individual at Risk' case - Ilham Toti - and his daughter Jewher, the latter who will be on the panel and coming from the USA.

  2. There will be a screening in Edinburgh. It was noted that, as of this meeting (14/3/24), no date had yet been announced online for the planned Edinburgh showing.

  3. No members of our group were free to help organise a showing in Glasgow.

7. Human Rights Scotland Bill – Webinar event on 24 April at 7pm

  1. It was noted that the Amnesty Scotland Team had invited Groups to join a Webinar on Scotland's forthcoming Human Rights Bill.

  2. The background to this is that the Scottish Government has committed to introducing a new piece of legislation designed to strengthen the legal human rights framework in Scotland. This is an exciting step which holds the potential to transform how people in Scotland access and enforce a wide variety of human rights. If you would like to learn more about the Bill, how Amnesty Scotland are working on it, and how you can get involved, there will be an online briefing on 24 April at 7pm. This will also be an opportunity to meet some new members of the AI Scotland Team.

  3. Details below to join the briefing via computer, mobile app or room device.

Please follow link below to the webinar at the time:-

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 310 131 163 565

Passcode: u6U4ag

Download Teams Join on the web

Learn More Meeting options

Action - All members are encouraged to link in to this event.

8. Potential Collaboration with Artist

  1. Andrew updated on a proposal by a Bournemouth-based artist, Alexander Dakers of Zander Art. Further information and background is included in a recent Glasgow Evening Times article.

  2. The artist's grandfather was imprisoned during the 1973 Chilean coup and AI campaigned for his release. Alexander has since raised money for AI via sales of his artwork.

  3. He has invited our Group to collaborate with him at his exhibition at a gallery in Glasgow City Centre this summer.

  4. Following discussion, Group members were enthusiastic about this and potential examples of how we might be able to collaborate included the following:-

  • Members of our Group attending the 'VIP day' opening of the exhibition;

  • Setting up a stand at the exhibition with AI banners, posters, leaflets, collecting tin, etc. This would be to help raise awareness of AI and encourage people attending the exhibition to consider joining AI themselves;

  • Possibly promoting some of the AI Urgent Actions that are current at the time of the exhibition. e.g. cases relating to Chile - or perhaps broader South American issues and individuals from there who are prisoners of conscience. This could include inviting exhibition attendees to sign petitions, write letters, etc;

  • Using our social media and our mailing list to help promote the exhibition;

  • Our Group writing articles for the local press to highlight the exhibition; and

  • Inviting other local AI Groups and members to also engage with this project.

Action – It was agreed that Andrew would contact AIUK to discuss the previous AI fundraising work by the artist.

Thereafter, Andrew will contact the artist and invite him to consider our potential proposals for collaborating with him and invite him to propose other suggestions.

9. International Women's Day

  1. It was noted that an invitation from the Ayrshire AI Group to join their Amnesty event to mark International Women's Day had been circulated. Unfortunately, no members of our Group were able to attend.

  2. The Amnesty Feminists' network issued an action pack for International Women's Day. It included three actions that we discussed and undertook at the meeting.

Action - Andrew - The petitions within this were signed by those present and they will be returned to the Network via email.

10. Social Walk with Perth Amnesty - Sunday 7th April - near Perth

  1. This is a low-level walk, suitable for all ages & abilities.

  2. Lifts to and from the meeting point can be arranged.

  3. It will provide a good opportunity to discuss how our respective Groups could work together on issues such as Balochistan and other Human Rights issues where there is a common interest.

  4. Claire and Chakar have already committed to attend.

Action - Anyone else interested in going along should contact Claire.

11. AIUK Local Group Updates

29th Feb AIUK Local Group Updates email here:

21 Mar 7 pm - 8.30 pm - ACEN Israel-Gaza: impacts, human rights and routes to peace. Online. Sign up here.

2 Apr 6 pm - 7.30 pm - What are Economic and Social rights and why is Amnesty working on them? Online. Sign up here.

New AIUK campaign on our everyday rights

Our human rights are under threat and it is not a distant problem, human rights violations are happening right here in the UK. Here at home, a chilling reality is unravelling – millions of families and individuals can't access what they need to live, from safe shelter to healthcare, food and more. This crisis does not come from a lack of resources, as we're often led to believe, it comes from political choices that drive inequality. To show this reality we have worked with actors Olivia Colman and Adrian Lester to show that this is happening before our eyes. Watch our new trailer for a drama series that sadly is not drama. It is a reality.

Please be aware this is a video which tells the story of violations of human rights which includes the death of a baby so please do look after yourself and don't watch unless you want to.

Housing, food, healthcare – these are all our human rights but they don't often get as much attention as rights such as free speech, protest and a fair trial. At Amnesty we are working on making sure we are campaigning for all our rights including the everyday rights that are often and too frequently ignored. Everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home, people should have enough food to eat and access to healthcare.

Watch here


12. Urgent Appeals

  1. Merle noted that the UK Urgent Actions webpage had not been updated. However, she got some from the US website, which appeared to be much better organised.

  2. Merle circulated Urgent Actions concerning:

    • a detained Ethiopian journalist;

    • A Zimbabwian form MP;

    • And a terminally ill Palestinian prisoner,

Those present at the meeting wrote letters concerning these Urgent Actions and Kirstie took them for posting.

13. AOB

Parking charges on Woodlands Road.

Kirstie had circulated a notice form the church group highlighting that Glasgow City Council was considering extending parking charge times on various streets, including Woodlands Rd, to 10pm, 7 days pw.

This is part of the Council's budget options and had not yet been finalised / considered / agreed. The notice suggested that anyone concerned about this proposal may wish to raise concerns with local Councillors.

  1. Next meetingThurs 11th April @ 7.30pm - 9pm

Neil noted his apologies for the April meeting.

2024 Meeting Dates

New Members very welcome!

The Group meets every second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm - 9pm.

The meetings take place at Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW

For further information contact

  • Thursday 11th January 2024

  • Thursday 8th February 2024

  • Thursday 14th March 2024

  • Thursday 11th April 2024

  • Thursday 9th May 2024

  • Thursday 13th June 2024

  • Thursday 11th July 2024

  • Thursday 8th August 2024

  • Thursday 12th September 2024

  • Thursday 10th October 2024

  • Thursday 14th November 2024

  • Thursday 12th December 2024


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