February 2024 Meeting and January Updates

Thanks to AMG for these updates. If you would likle to read them as a PDF, you can do so here.

We warmly invite you to attend the next meeting of the AI Glasgow West Group. Please come and join in our lively and friendly discussions and help us make a positive difference to supporting Human Rights around the world.

This update includes:

  • Details of our forthcoming February 2024 meeting;

  • How to get tickets for our 12th February Comedy Fundraiser at The Stand;

  • Information on current AIUK campaigns;

  • Minutes of our local Group meeting held last month; and

  • A note of our local Group's meeting dates for 2024.

February 2024 Glasgow West AI Group Meeting

Thursday 8th February, Woodlands International Methodist Church, 7:30pm

The next Glasgow West Amnesty meeting takes place on Thursday 8th February 2024 at 7.30pm – 9pm in Woodlands International Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6LW.

Further details on Facebook -

We would love to see you there!

Our activities for the February meeting include:

  • Planning for our forthcoming local Comedy Night Fundraiser for Amnesty International, which is being held at The Stand, Glasgow on Monday 12th February 2024; and

  • Undertaking letter writing in response to recent Urgent Actions alerts from AIUK.

12th February - Comedy Fundraising Event for AI Glasgow West

Some Tickets Still Remaining - Get Your Tickets Now!

A Comedy night will be held at The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow on Monday 12th February 2024 to raise funds for Amnesty International.

All the comedians on the bill, including the high profile mystery host, are giving their input to our worthwhile cost for free. Likewise, The Stand is providing its facilities for no charge. All profits from ticket sales will go to AIUK's charitable arm. A cash raffle will be held on the night, with the proceeds going directly to our local AI group's campaigning and expenses.

Tickets cost £12 / £10 and are on sale now. Further information is available from The Stand website.

Updates On Current AIUK Campaigns

Gaza – Call For Ceasefire

Demand An Urgent Ceasefire In Gaza And Israel – Now

Countless lives have been shattered, ripped apart, and upended due to the crisis in Gaza, Israel and wider Occupied Palestinian Territories. In the face of such devastation and suffering, humanity must prevail. For further details, click the Link.

UK Government's Prevent Strategy

What Is Prevent?

How much do you know about Prevent – the UK's strategy ‘to stop people becoming terrorists'?

Our new report - This Is The Thought Police: The Prevent duty and its chilling effect on human rights - illustrates that Prevent is a dangerously broken system.

As a `pre-crime intervention', it is supposed to protect us by identifying people at risk of radicalisation into terrorism and stopping them before they do. But in reality, the vast majority of people reported under Prevent do not present any threat and the referrals require no further action. Prevent is seriously interfering with the lives and freedoms of thousands of innocent people, and it is leading to many people self-censoring out of fear of being reported to it.

Scrap New Anti-Protest Laws

Photo by Mike Kemp via Getty Image

What does the future hold if we allow the government to restrict our right to protest?

The answer is: nothing good.

Join us to demand the Home Secretary scraps the government's anti-protest laws today.


Shop Amnesty

Amnesty Shop – Browse AI's wide range of ethical gifts and everyday items via this link.

Further information from AIUK

Further information from AIUK can be found on the webpage.

January 2024 Updates

Amnesty International

Glasgow West Local Group

Meeting held on 11th January 2024

Present: Claire (Chair), Mal, Merle, Chakar, Han, Sophie, Neil and Andrew.

Apologies submitted: Kirstie, Cait, Fatma and Mhairi.


Claire welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly Chakar, who's asylum application had finally been approved in recent weeks, following a process that took just over three years. Claire indicated that Fatma would resume attendance at the group in the Spring.

Minutes of meeting held on 14th December 2023 and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed, with an update provided on the following matters arising:-

Political Cartoons Display - A couple of colleagues had gone along to the Mitchell Library to see the display board with political cartoons, including several directly relating to AI. Andrew had previously circulated some photographs of the display on the Glasgow West AI activists' Signal group.

Write 4 Rights - The Glasgow AI Groups' Write for Rights event held in December resulted in just over 100 cards and letters being sent.

Lift the Ban Campaign – Fatma can advise on any opportunities for group members to participate in Lift the Ban actions.

AI Comedy Night Fundraiser Preparation

  • Event takes place at The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow on Mon 12th Feb 8pm – 10pm.

  • We can check how many tickets have been sold via this link (40 tickets sold as at 25/1/24)

  • Ticket sales money will go directly to AIUK charitable arm. All proceeds from raffle with go to our local group's campaigning activities and running expenses.

  • Andrew to Contact Glasgow Univ Group and ask them to promote the show / help get the tickets sold.

  • Andrew to contact Sarah at Freedom From Torture and ask FFT to promote our event to their members / mailing list.

  • Cait has created online poster for use in social media.

  • Han will create / print physical posters for use in local shops / bars / universities, etc for promoting the event. (QR code to be added to poster with direct link to booking via The Stand).

  • Mal will contact AIUK to arrange a direct mailing from them to all AI members in the Greater Glasgow postcode.

  • Andrew has taken large AI banner & bungee clips / placards / Raffle Tickets, 3 collecting tins / AI stickers & badges and will bring these to The Stand

  • Fatma will drop off the new banner at the church hall and Mal will bring it on the night

  • Eva at The Stand has indicated that Mark Nelson will act as ‘Special Guest Host', but has asked not to be named on the publicity, as he is planning his own show in the coming months.

  • Mal will liaise with the host comedian, including in relation to the raffle draw.

  • Mal will also provide a short overview of the work of AI to the audience during the interval prior to commencing the raffle.

  • Mal will take photos on the night for posting to social media. He will also ask if there is anyone not wishing to be photographed.

  • Neil, Han and Sophie have volunteered to sell raffle tickets – others welcome to assist with this too.

  • Raffle tickets to be sold at £2 per strip and £5 for three strips

  • Raffle prizes – all to consider donating raffle prizes on the night. (Preference is not to have loads of prizes, but rather to have a manageable number of decent quality prizes. (e.g. bottles of wine / spirits / champagne, etc.

  • A small number of our group should come early to The Stand to help set up.

  • Final details, etc to be sorted at our next meeting, which takes place a few days before the event.

AI Glasgow Archive material

Following discussion at last month's meeting about the AI archive material left by former Glasgow AI member Brian Donnelly, Merle indicated that she had a sizeable collection of archive material from our group. This dates back to 1975, when the Glasgow AI group was founded. It was agreed that this ought to be preserved in a secure place for posterity. Merle agreed to liaise with the archivist service at the Mitchell Library to enquire as to whether they might be interested in holding the material.

Action - Merle

Mailchimp / Website Log-in

Merle will check if she still has up-to-date log-in details for our Group's Mailchimp account (which is used by Rob to send out the monthly meeting notices, including minutes of previous meeting, AIUK Local group updates, etc). Likewise, she will do the same regarding our local group's website.

Action – Merle to liaise with Andrew on this

Annual General Meeting

The meeting notice had indicated that our AGM would be included as part of this meeting. Claire had previously circulated details of all posts and indicated that all were available for anyone interested. This included the opportunity to act as shadow / support for anyone not yet prepared to take on a role immediately. After discussion, including an outline of various roles, including some that were currently unfilled, the following post-holders were confirmed for the year ahead:-

  • Chair – Claire

  • Treasurer – Kirstie

  • Secretary – Andrew

  • Urgent Actions co-ordinator – Merle

  • Social Media co-ordinator – Cait / Mal

  • Welfare & Diversity co-ordinator– Sophie

  • Political liaison co-ordinator - Neil

  • Prisoner of Conscience / Individual at Risk Co-ordinator* – Han

(*Mal explained that there are options for individuals or local groups to work long-term on individual cases, countries or regions, particular professions or thematic areas. This typically involves liaison with colleagues in AIUK, as well as work led locally)

Mal also noted that he had taken on the role of Co-ordinator for Myanmar / South East Asia in recent months and was working with colleagues in AIUK on this. It was agreed that it would be interesting to invite Mal to speak about this work at one of our future meetings.

Action - Mal

Post meeting script

AI subsequently posted information on vacant country co-ordinator roles:-

Claire posted this on our Glasgow West activists' Signal group. Chakar expressed an interest in the Iran co-ordinator role. Details of the application process are in the link above.

Urgent Actions

Merle circulated information relating to a number of Urgent Actions and members were invited to respond to them following the meeting:-

Other Urgent Actions can also be accessed via AIUK's Urgent Actions link and individual Group members may also wish to follow up on these.

ACTION – All to consider responding to the AI Urgent Action appeals

AIUK Local Groups' Update

Due to the holiday period, there was only a very brief details from the latest AIUK Local Groups' Update, which had been circulated with the meeting notice.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 8th February 2024, 7.30pm - 9pm @ Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW.

Claire noted that she would be unable to attend the February and March meetings.

Andrew noted he is unable to attend the February meeting. Mal will take a note of the meeting.

Mal agreed to chair the meetings. Claire will prepare the February agenda. Andrew will prepare the March agenda.

2024 Meeting Dates

New Members very welcome!

The Group meets every second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm - 9pm.

The meetings take place at Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW

For further information contact

  • Thursday 11th January 2024

  • Thursday 8th February 2024

  • Thursday 14th March 2024

  • Thursday 11th April 2024

  • Thursday 9th May 2024

  • Thursday 13th June 2024

  • Thursday 11th July 2024

  • Thursday 8th August 2024

  • Thursday 12th September 2024

  • Thursday 10th October 2024

  • Thursday 14th November 2024

  • Thursday 12th December 2024


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