January 2024 Meeting + December 2023 Updates!

Thank you to AMG for these updates. If you would prefer to read them as a PDF, you can do so here.

We warmly invite you to attend the next meeting of the AI Glasgow West Group. Please come and join in our lively and friendly discussions and help us make a positive difference to supporting Human Rights around the world.

This update includes:

  • Details of our forthcoming January 2024 meeting, which includes our AGM;
  • How to get tickets for our February Comedy Fundraiser;
  • Feedback on our annual Write for Rights Campaign;
  • Excerpts from and a link to AIUK's most recent update for local AI groups;
  • Minutes of our local Group meeting held last month; and
  • A note of our local Group's meeting dates for 2024.

January 2024 Glasgow West AI Group Meeting

Thursday 11th January, Woodlands International Methodist Church, 7:30pm

The next Glasgow West Amnesty meeting takes place on Thursday 11th January 2024 at 7.30pm – 9pm in Woodlands International Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6LW.
Further details on Facebook -

We would love to see you there!

Our activities for the January meeting include:

  • Our local Group's AGM, including agreeing the various postholders, such as chair, treasurer, secretary, social media co-ordinator, etc. We are always keen to involve new members and would love to have new volunteers coming along;

  • Planning for our forthcoming local Comedy Night Fundraiser for Amnesty International, which is being held at The Stand, Glasgow on Monday 12th February 2024;

  • Discussing a collaboration proposal from the neighbouring Dumbarton / Lomond local AI Group; and

  • Undertaking letter writing in response to recent Urgent Actions alerts from AIUK.

Comedy Fundraising Night at The Stand - 12th Feb 2024

Get Your Tickets Now!

Amnesty International Glasgow West – Comedy Fundraising Event

A Comedy night will be held at The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow on Monday 12th February 2024 to raise funds for Amnesty International.

All the comedians on the bill, including the high profile mystery host, are giving their input to our worthwhile cost for free. Likewise, The Stand is providing its facilities for no charge. All profits from ticket sales will go to AIUK's charitable arm. A cash raffle will be held on the night, with the proceeds going directly to our local AI group's campaigning and expenses.

Tickets cost £12 / £10 and are on sale now. Further information is available from The Stand website.

Write for Rights Campaign

Write a letter, change a life

The Glasgow AI Groups held a Write for Rights event in Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow on Sunday 10th December (the UN's Human Rights Day). Despite the rainy weather, the event helped to engage members of the public in writing letters of support to those unfairly detained, as well as letters of protest to Authorities around the world responsible for human rights abuses.

In total, over one hundred cards and letters were sent from the Glasgow AI Groups.

Photo: Activists from the Glasgow AI Groups with a member of the public at our Dec 2023 Write for Rights event

Amnesty International's Write for Rights campaign transforms the lives of people whose rights have been wronged.

This year's campaign features people from around the world, all connected because their human rights have been violated. Some by their governments, others by the police, or by big corporations. All because of who they are and what they do.

The current Right for Rights Campaign runs until the end of January. Links to two of the 2023 Write for Rights cases are highlighted below.

Demand Freedom for Ahmed

Before his arrest, Ahmed was the last voice in the UAE providing the rest of the world with credible independent information about human rights abuses in the country. He regularly drew attention to the detention, torture, and unfair trials of dissenters. He spoke about problems with the judicial system and national laws that violate international laws.

ACT NOW: Demand Ahmed Mansoor be freed from prison in the UAE

Free Tunisian activist Chaima Issa

When Tunisian president Kais Saied suspended parliament in July 2021, dismissed the prime minister, and seized control of the country citing emergency powers, Chaima was one of the first to publicly oppose him. Since he seized power, human rights in Tunisia are more fragile than ever. Freedom of expression is under attack. Military courts target critics of the government, and the legal system lacks independence.

ACT NOW: Sign the petition to call on the Tunisian authorities to drop the investigation and other restrictions against Chaima Issa

Read more: censorship and freedom of expression

You can also support all eleven of the 2023 individuals by signing the petition.

Extract Of Local Groups' Updates From AIUK

Details of AIUK's update for local groups can be viewed via this browser link.

This month's update from AIUK is shorter than usual, due to the Christmas / New Year holiday period, but includes the following:

AIUK Board of Directors Vacancies

Amnesty International UK will be seeking to fill five vacancies on its Board during 2024.

Details of the vacancies and election process are included on the AIUK website.

The deadline for applications is 23rd February 2024.

Upcoming dates

Invitation to Manchester Amnesty's online meeting with JENGbA

On Monday 8 January at 7pm, Manchester Amnesty group is holding an online meeting with speakers from Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGbA).

This meeting follows the passing of Manchester Amnesty's resolution at Amnesty UK's 2023 AGM meeting, which focuses on the ways in which the Joint Enterprise and conspiracy laws are being used against communities in the UK, including the use of racist gang narratives in prosecutions, particularly of young people of colour. The speakers from JENGbA will explain more about their work and we will discuss ways in which we can support their organisation.

In Manchester, we are following the case of the Manchester 10 who are all currently serving prison sentences and were convicted using conspiracy laws, relying heavily on racist gang narratives, read more here, Unfortunately there are many cases across the UK, which JENGbA will refer to during the meeting.

We are opening up this meeting to all UK Amnesty groups and members and will be pleased to welcome anyone who is able to join us. Please email if you would like the joining link, which will be sent out nearer the time.

Further information from AIUK

Full details of AIUK's update for local groups can be viewed via this browser link.

December 2023 Updates

Amnesty International

Glasgow West Local Group

Meeting held on 14th December 2023

Present: Claire (Chair), Mhairi, Merle, Han, Sophie, Christine, Kirstie, Neil, Carol, Andrew, Clare, Cara (and Ophelia!).

Apologies submitted: Mal, Cait, Fatma and Jean.


Claire welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly Cara, who was attending her first meeting.

As this was the last meeting of 2023, there would be a shortened agenda, with the main focus being on writing cards and letters as part of the Write for Rights campaign. Christine was thanked for bringing along mulled wine, whilst various members had provided home baking, chocolates, etc.

Minutes of meeting held on 9th November 2023 and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed, with no matters arising.

Brian Donnelly's old AI material

Brian Donnelly had been a local AI activist in Glasgow for many years, but had died in 2022. Stephen Curran of Relics Antiques in Ruthven Lane, Glasgow had contacted our Group secretary (Andrew), who subsequently met with Brian's widow and was given a box and a bag of old AI materials, from Brian's time as the local AI Group secretary. The vast majority of this material covered the 1970s / 1980s and comprised routine correspondence (from pre internet / email era), such as letters arranging meetings, booking venues, etc. However, there was also a number of interesting AI documents, campaign leaflets, etc. Andrew had brought these along to this meeting for Group members to review / borrow. After the meeting, the material was placed in one of the AI plastic boxes in the church hall storage cupboard, should anyone wish to review it further in the future.

Write for Rights

The annual Write for Rights event had taken place at Hillhead Library on Sunday 10th December 2023 (Human Rights Day) and was a success.

There had been input at the Sunday event from a range of colleagues from both the Glasgow West and Glasgow Daytime Groups.

In order to further add to the cards and letters from the library event, Group members spent this evening writing further cards and letters.

Last year's event resulted in 118 cards / letters being sent. This year, the total was 101 (the latter figure was subsequently provided by Kirstie following this meeting).

Urgent Actions

Merle circulated information relating to a number of Urgent Actions and members were invited to respond to them following the meeting:-

Other Urgent Actions can also be accessed via AIUK's Urgent Actions link and individual Group members may also wish to follow up on these.

ACTION – All to consider responding to the AI Urgent Action appeals

AIUK Local Groups' Update

As usual, a summary of the latest AIUK Local Groups' Update had been circulated with the meeting notice.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 11th January 2024, 7.30pm - 9pm @ Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW.

2024 Meeting Dates

New members very welcome!

The group meets every second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm - 9pm.

The meetings take place at Woodlands Methodist Church, 229 Woodlands Road, G3 6LW

For further information contact

  • Thursday 11th January 2024

  • Thursday 8th February 2024

  • Thursday 14th March 2024

  • Thursday 11th April 2024

  • Thursday 9th May 2024

  • Thursday 13th June 2024

  • Thursday 11th July 2024

  • Thursday 8th August 2024

  • Thursday 12th September 2024

  • Thursday 10th October 2024

  • Thursday 14th November 2024

  • Thursday 12th December 2024


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