January 2020 Minutes

Apologies: CaC

Attendees: FL, RT, KB, JG, MDS, MR, CC, CA

Treasurer’s Report (JG)

£550 in the bank. Still need to pay next three months rent and send annual return to Amnesty.

Secretary’s Report (FL)

FL brought the most recent issue of Amnesty’s Group News magazine for the group to look through. The mag showcases the work of Amnesty’s groups up and down the country.

Prisoner of Conscience – Ali Arrass

Ali’s release date is set for the 2nd April. 

The group decided that we would request a new prisoner of conscience for the group to campaign on. FL will get in touch with head office.

Plans for 2020

We began discussing ideas for our activities this year. To continue in February’s meeting once we have received the Local Groups Planning Pack.

“Christmas” Dinner  

We decided to have our annual social on Thursday 27th February at Chillies on Woodlands Road. To confirm in February’s meeting.

Urgent Actions (MR)


On 7 September 2019, human rights defender, Ahmed Mansoor, went on hunger strike to protest the conditions of his detention, after prison guards had beat him. He remained on strike until at least the end of October, with signs of deteriorating health. His conditions have not improved. He has remained in solitary confinement, without a mattress or access to fresh air, since his arrest on 20 March 2017.


The Federal Supreme Court has set 20 January 2020 to issue its verdict in the case of two Lebanese men, including Ahmed Nimr Sobeh, who are appealing their conviction and sentences. The Court has yet to set the date for the appeal hearing of a third Lebanese man, Abdelrahman Talal Chouman. The three men were previously sentenced by the Federal Appeal Court in a trial that did not meet international fair trial standards.


We also discussed the option of changing meeting venue. One suggestion was the Woodlands Community Space. This option will be researched in more detail and fed back to the group.

Next meeting

Thursday 13th February 2020, 7.30pm, Woodlands Methodist Church, Woodlands Road


Returning Soon

Hi all, we lost our website last month but it is in the process of being rebuild. We appreciate your patience until this can be completed.